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    1 10/04/13 Rama Chandra Samal, A/E-22, OSHB Colony, Bhimtangi, Ph-I, BBSR-2, Mob:8093424856

    The house owner of A/E-9 to A/E-16 Bhimtangi OSHB Colony, Ph-I, have encroached the road land. Request for eviction of the encroached road land and construct the same.

    Enforcement The case will be included in the next joint eviction programme. Within next 15 days.

    2 10/04/13 Basanti Behera Allegation regarding construction of bye-pass gate by the house owner of plot No.L-IV-461 of Mz:Dumuduma, OSHB Scheme.

    Planning The matter will be sorted out within 15 days with intimation to the petitioner.

    3 10/04/13 Bikash Patra Approval of building plan. File No.BP2B-3646/12 of Mz:Damana

    Planning x

    4 10/04/13 R.Sarangi Plot No.117/3353 J.Vihar M.No.9776593243

    Plot No.1792 is road affected Land x

    5 10/04/13 Dinabandhu Mishra Flat No.304 Soudamini Enclave, BJB Nagar M.No.9861135355

    Deviation of approved Plan, Plot No.K-8/676 Kalinganagar Plotted Development Scheme

    Allotment-II x

    6 10/04/13 Snigdharani Patnaik The road is hampering the plot No.846/2118 of Mz:Malipada

    Planning The Petitioner will meet Sri S.R.Mohanty, ATP who will sort out the matter.

    7 11/04/13 Kishore Kumar Mishra The applicant constructed a S+3 storied building over plot No.441/2426 of Mz:Damana, C.S.Pur. The drain which was earlier going on plot No.443, now showing over the applicants plot

    Planning To be rectified in ZDP

    8 11/04/13 Bishnu Charan Sahoo, Plot No.4979, PP-2,Pandav Nagar, Badagada, Brit colony, BBSR, Mob-9658682674.

    For field measurement of Plot No.2183 of Vill-Badagada as per order dtd.02.03.1988 of Honble Secretary to Govt. H & U.D Deptt., BBSR.

    Enforcement The joint field measurement will be conducted by Enforcement Officer & S.O(Enforcement) within 10 days.

  • 9 11/04/13 Prasanti Sahoo 2RF 25/05, Unit-9, Bhoinagar M.No.9438359862

    Change of layout K-4-1415 Allotment-II The demand notice will be issued to the allottee & she will deposit the dues within 15 days failing which the allotment will be cancelled.

    10 11/04/13 Ramesh Ch. Ray At-Sriharivihar,Jatni M.No.9439193993

    Plot allotted in the year 1985 area 4430Sqft full area has not in favour of possession

    Allotment-I BDA to engage a senior lawyer to expedite the case in the court. After disposal of case the detail matter will be examined whether the vacated land will be allotted to the petitioner or will be sold through public auction.

    11 11/04/13 P.C.Padhiary Divn.IV,BDA

    Regarding non-payment of arrear dues Finance Already paid - Disposed

    12 11/04/13 Bangali Charan Behera Drain is going on plot No.4723 & 4724 of Mz:Gadakana

    Planning The field inspection will be conducted for proper alignment of drain on equity principle within one month.

    13 11/04/13 Debendranath Nanda Utilisation certificate for plot No.4754 of Mz:Gadakana and approval of plan of plot No.3331(p) of Mz:Gadakana

    Planning Land and Engineering Branch will submit report on existence of approach road to the plot resolve the issue.

    14 11/04/13 Pravakar Nayak,Plot No.M-10, Madhusudan Nagar, Unit-IV, BBSR,Mob-9437159047, e-mail:-Pnayak 1958@

    The road from plot No.M/63 to Power House Road M.S. Nagar, Unit IV is encroached. As per G.A Deptt. the Road was 30-0, but now the road is varies from 15-0 to 20-0 . Please refer the case No.320 of 2006 between SK. Hasan Mohammed vrs. BDA, BMC & in the court of C.J.M, BBSR on dt.14.09.2006 & summon dtd.20.12.2006 and the decision.

    Enforcement All the cases involving encroachment are to be disposed by eviction.

    15 11/04/13 Smt Radharani Jena 100 ft proposed road affected the plot No.187 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning ZDP finalization The case will be considered at the time of finalization of ZDP.

    16 11/04/13 Prasanta Kumar Mohanty 100 ft proposed road affected the plot No,197 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning ZDP finalization

  • 17 11/04/13 Santosh Kumar Mohanty 100 ft proposed road affected the plot No,197 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning -do-

    18 11/04/13 Bipin Bihari Senapati 100 ft proposed road affected over plot No.194 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning -do-

    19 11/04/13 Rachit Ranjan Das 100 ft proposed road affected over plot No.186/1257 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning -do-

    20 11/04/13 Kalinganagar K-8 Development Association M.No.9437629676

    Handing over of assets of BMC, Sewerage system and execution of lease deed

    Engineering Lease deed with the allottees of Kalinga Nagar K-8 will be executed shortly as recently BDA has already executed lease deed with G.A.Deptt BMC will be directed by Govt. to take over the area under their control such as sewerage system etc.

    21 11/04/13 Basanti Samal The applicant has occupied a Govt. plotNo.2914 of Mz:Gadakan and constructed a house and resided there. She requested to record the above plot in her name

    Planning The case is deferred

    22 11/04/13 Madhusudan Samal Approval of building plan over plot No.3538/3539 of Mz:Gadakana.

    Planning VC to apply for BP aproval

    23 11/04/13 Niranjan Das, Plot No.870 B, Jogeswar Patna, Kapilaprasad, PO-Sundarpada, Old Town, BBSR-2,Mob-9861794799.

    Public road encroached by Sri Pratap Ch. Mishra, which is creating serious problem for communication.


    24 11/04/13 Sanjuta Muduli 100 ft proposed road affected over plot No.197 of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning x

    25 11/04/13 Debashis Mohanty, Govt Qr. No.IVB-37/3, Near Unit-3 park, Unit-3, BBSR,

    Demolition of encroachment in Govt. land/ Govt. road in plot No.643(pt.) in front of plot No.644, behind Kalinga Stadium, Nayapalli, BBSR.

    Enforcement x

  • 26 11/04/13 Santilata Acharya, Qr. No.T-4/6, Rental Colony, CRP Square, BBSR, MOB-9692003884

    Encroachment of public road by Smt. Puspanjali Biswal owner of Plot No.1024 of Mz- Nuagaon

    Enforcement VC field verification within one month Field inquiry will be conducted by Enforcement Officer & demolition will be made on within one month.

    27 11/04/13 Sibaram Mallia, At-kapilaprasad, PO-BBSR-2, Mob-9853240328

    Demolition order passed in the court of OSD (ODA Act) on dtd. 03.04.13 over Khata No-239 In Mz-Jagamara on which date the demolition will be executed

    Enforcement The matter will examined in detailed

    28 11/04/13 Ramesh Chandra Choudhury, Plot No.G-3/23, I.D.Market M.No.9438567719

    Transfer of SCR G-3/23 I.D.Market Allotment-II VC - Rejected Deferred

    29 11/04/13 Manoranjan Das Qr.No.E-1/142 Block No.24 M.No.9437051621

    After submission of documents by both parties of BDA change shop has not been transferred Shop No.G-2/23 I.D.Market

    Allotment-II Deferred

    30 11/04/13 Subash Chandra Mohanty

    150 ft proposed over plot No.318/1777/2242 ,OMFED Chhak to Lumbini Vihar

    Planning The Land Officer expedite the case at Collector, Khurda for compensation.

    31 11/04/13 Prakash Ch Nayak, HIG 149, 2nd. Floor, 7th. Pjase, Sailashree Vihar, BBSR-21, Mob:- 9437642372, 9443009704, e-mail:

    The road provided for common use for the Sub-Plot No. 13,14, & 15 encroached by Narmada Ray

    Enforcement VC L.A to be expedited

    32 11/04/13 Bidyutlata Das Regularization of plan. File No.R/BP1A-1848/08

    Planning VC - Within one month The case will be deposed within one month.

    33 11/04/13 Mamata Rao 100 ft proposed road affected over plot No.184/A of Mz:Ghatikia

    Planning VC - Within one month The case will be considered at

  • the time of finalization of ZDP. 34 11/04/13 Biswanath Nayak 100 ft proposed road affected over plot

    No.184 of Mz:Ghatikia Planning -do-

    35 11/04/13 Binapani Pradhan 100 ft proposed road affected over plot

    No.183/2139 of Mz:Ghatikia Planning -do-

    36 11/04/13 Chadradhar Dash Issue of occupancy certificate over plot No.K-7/597,Kalinga Nagar

    Planning VC to apply The applicant submit revised building plan for regularisation of building.

    37 11/04/13 Sri J.Tulasi Rao, C/207, Baishnab Bihar Apartment, Bomikhal BBSR-10. Mob:- 9437308136, e-mail:

    4 storied apartment constructed violating required road, drainage norms. Existing road from Bomikhal Durga Mandap to Baisnab Vihar Apartment s 15'- 20'. New apartment over plot No. 220/2175/2978, Mouza: Gobinda Prasad

    Enforcement VC - OSD (ODA Act) to quickly dispose off the case. Field verification. The case status report will submit by OSD(ODA Act) to Vice-Chairman.

    38 11/04/13 Bishnupriya Parida Change of proposed road over plot No.263/3181 of Mz: Raghunathpurjali

    Planning VC ZDP issue

    39 11/04/13 Prasant Kumar Satapathy Change of proposed road over plot No.263/3180 of Mz:Raghunathpurjali

    Planning VC ZDP issue

    40 11/04/13 Binodini Moharana Refund of double deposited amount towards sanction fee .File no.Bp2B-8561/11

    Planning VC 10 days Refund will be done within 10 days.

    41 11/04/13 Debabrata Naik Plot No.N-6/36 IRC Village M.No.7205665664

    Change of allotment Plot No.K-4/267 LIG

    Allotment-II VC after lease deed After execution of lease deed then change of allotment will be consider.

    42 11/04/13 Swarnaprava Devi Shop No.SB-9, Ashokamarket, Unit-II M.No.8895349234

    There is a