APA Citations References & In-Text. The Basics What are citations? A way for the researcher to credit others for information and ideas that are not his.

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MLA Citations

APA CitationsReferences & In-Text The BasicsWhat are citations? A way for the researcher to credit others for information and ideas that are not his or her ownA way to avoid plagiarism and maintain credibilityWhat types of citations are there? For APA, there are References citations and parenthetical (AKA in-text) citations ReferencesReferencesAPA term for the resources/texts you used in your research and included in your paperVery specific formatting required Depending on genre of text you used, you must include certain information about it in the correct order, in the correct formatExample: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/12/

Parenthetical/In-text CitationsIn addition to the References, parenthetical/in-text citations are also required to avoid plagiarismThese citations are found within the paper itselfAt the end of each sentence that includes a fact, idea, paraphrase, plot reference, etc. from a source Before the period in the sentenceUsually consists of author last name, year, page numberExample: (Wlock, 2013, p. 201). You MUST have these to get ANY credit on a paper. Otherwise, its plagiarismeven with a References page.

Why in-text/parenthetical citation?Relays to the reader where each point of information originatesCan direct readers to the sources on References for their further reading/educationSupports your credibility as a researcher Supports your thesis and therefore your analysisNote: Your thesis statement will address the answer to your research essential question.What do I do after finding sources? Reminder: Access formatting help: Purdue OWL (APA)Locate general pages on both References and in-text citation for formatting basicsAccess the information by genre for each of your sources to help perfect entries in ReferencesCreate References as soon as you know you will use that source (Before taking notes!) When you do take notes, write down the page number that you found each fact from (you will need this for your in-text citations)


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