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DoubleClick for Publishers 101

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DoubleClick for Publishers 101 by Andrei Ungureanu


1Ad Units and Placements

an Ad Unit is a container that will organize our inventory in DFP, and also a space in our content where we intend to deliver ads

Ad Units have parent-child relationships. The ads targeting the top level Ad Unit (the parent) are also targeting the lower - level Ad Units (the children), up to 5 levels.

PlacementPlacement is a way of grouping the Ad Units so they can be targeted in order to display the same ads

We have a travel website that has a page for the following countries:Australia, USA, France, Romania, Spain, ItalyThe countries colored in green can be grouped in a placement called Europe.Example

2About key-value targetingKey-value tags are specific targeting items in the ad tag and line item/creative

With key-value targeting we can define our own targeting criteria (such as age, gender, or content)

We can either pre-define a key and its values (ex. age: 18-30) or set up a free-form key-value (ex. occupation)

femalemaleage: 18-30occupation: studenthas kids: no

3Orders and Line Items

an Order is a representation in DFP of an agreement with an advertiser. It is like a unique folder for an advertiser and campaign.

A line item contains all of the specifics of the order; such as where the ads will display, how long they will run, creatives and more.

ExampleAdvertiser : Himalaya ShopOrder : Winter CampaignLine Item: Leaderboard 720x90pxCreatives:

Line item types:Sponsorship (they use CPD, CPM or CPC model)Standard (absolute numbers of impressions sold with defined start and end dates)NetworkBulkPrice priorityAd Sense/ Ad ExchangeHouse

4Types of creativesA creative is the actual ad that the user see on a page or in an app (image, video or other content)





DoubleClick TAG



Forecasting is the process of checking out our inventory in order to:

sell as many impressions as possibleensure that we are not selling more impressions then we can deliver

22.758.333 likely to deliver

56.808 remaining unreserved impressions

0 unlikely to deliverWe can export the forecast or save the results to an order (new or existing)

6Most important metrics in reporting

Total requeststotal number of requests received by DFPAd server impressionsTotal impressions served by DFP

Ad server average eCPMaverage effective cost-per-thousand-impressions earned from the ads deliveredUnviewed impressions (dropoffs)Ad server clicksTotal clicks served by DFPAd server CPM and CPC revenuerevenue earned for the ads delivered by DFPAd server CTRpercentage of impressions served by the ad server that resulted in users clicking on an ad


7Native ads

FORMnative ads look and feel like natural content

FUNCTIONnative ads behave just like the natural content

A native ad is paid media that follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.


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