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Quick Start Guide Doubleclick Campaign Manager Integration (800) 242-1690 June 2018

Quick Start Guide Doubleclick Campaign Manager …telmetrics.com/guides/Doubleckick-Manager-Integration...Quick Start Guide Doubleclick Campaign Manager Integration (800) 242-1690

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  • Quick Start GuideDoubleclick Campaign Manager Integration

    (800) 242-1690

    June 2018


  • About Telmetrics for DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration


    The Telmetrics DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration can be used to gain attribution for phone calls/SMS conversations that are generated through display or banner ad campaigns.

    Simply put, the addition of offline activities like calls or texts centralized in DCM significantly improves a marketer’s campaign optimization capabilities including re-targeting, cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

  • This implementation is similar to our with Google AdWords, DoubleClick Search integrations, whereby a consumer click on an advertisement redirects them to the advertiser’s website where the Telmetrics DNI JavaScript has been deployed. When the consumer arrives on advertiser’s website we will:

    • create a DNI session and perform number replacement (if the website visit matches the configured DNI rules)

    • capture landing page URL parameters (Google Click id – gclid, DoubleClick Id - dcid, UTM source/keyword/content/campaign, etc.)

    Any phone call that occurs to the tracking number within the session’s match period will be linked to the session, and subsequently uploaded to a pre-configured DoubleClick Campaign Manager Floodlight activity.

    Once a floodlight activity has received conversions, they can be viewed within the DoubleClick Campaign Manager reporting dashboard. Users may organize their data by campaign/placement (what site hosted the banner)/creative (what banner ad drove the most clicks), Advertiser.

    Note that this integration is designed to gain attribution for calls that originate after someone has clicked on a display or banner ad and has arrived at the advertiser’s website. Attribution for calls/texts placed to a phone number appearing within the banner creative itself must currently be tracked using a standard call tracking number.


  • Creating Floodlight activities to track Call and Text Data as Conversions

    To get started with your DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) integrationlog into your DCM account. Once logged in, navigate to the Advertisers section of the application. From here, select the Advertiser(s) for whom you want to create the Floodlight Activities so you can track phone calls and text conversations.



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    Within the Advertiser configuration screen, select the ‘Floodlight activities’ tab, and click the ‘NEW’ button to create a new Floodlight activity.


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    Provide a unique name for the Floodlight activity. You will use this later when configuring your Ad for DCM integration. If you plan on tracking SMS conversations, it is recommended that you create a secondary Floodlight activity so that you can measure calls and texts separately.


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    Authorizing Telmetrics to Post Calls/Texts to DCM Floodlight Activities

    Before configuring an ad to post Phone Call and or SMS conversions to DCM, you’ll need to set up the integration within your Telmetrics account.

    First, you will need to log into your Telmetrics account.

    Once logged in, go to ‘Settings’ in the left-side navigation and click on the ‘Integrations’ option.

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    On the integrations page, click the ‘Go’ button in the ‘DoubleClick Campaign Manager section’

    On the DCM configuration page, click the ‘+ Add Configuration’ to create a new instance of a DCM integration. You will use this later when configuring an Ad for DCM.

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    Provide a unique name for your DCM Integration.

    This value will be used when configuring your Ads to use DCM:

    After clicking the ‘Authorize’ button, a DoubleClick Campaign Manager pop-up will appear and prompt you to select an account. Ensure that the use you select has the privileges to post Floodlight Activity data to your DCM account via API

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    Setting up Your Tracking Lines for DoubleClick Campaign ManagerTo set up phone calls and SMS conversations to appear as Floodlight events in DCM, you will need to edit your ad and fill out the following information in your Telmetrics dashboard:

    DoubleClick Campaign Manager Configuration – This will be the name that your provided when authorizing Telmetrics to post to your DoubleClick Campaign Manager account

    Profile – Select the DCM account profile that has access to the Advertiser where you configured the Floodlight Activities

    Advertiser – Select the DCM Advertiser where you configured the Floodlight Activities

    Phone Call Floodlight Name – Your Floodlight name helps you to find the call data within your DCM Account. Call data will only be uploaded to DCM if they are associated with a click on an ad with a tracking number

    Phone Call Floodlight Value – This is the dollar amount that you can assign to a phone call

    SMS/Text Conversion Name – Your Floodlight name helps you to find the text data within your DCM Account. Text data will only be uploaded to DCM if they are associated with a click on an ad with a tracking number

    Minimum Call Duration (in seconds) – Only calls with a duration greater than this value will be posted to DCM

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    Before you can track calls and texts back to your DCM campaigns, you need to insert our tracking JavaScript on your landing pages. Each ad within the Telmetrics ordering portal has a unique tracking JavaScript. It can be found on the ‘View Ad’ page within the Telmetrics Ordering portal.

    This JavaScript snippet will need to be embedded within the tag of your website and on each page where you need to replace a phone number with a call tracking number.

    Installing the DCM Integration on Your Website

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    You will be able to view the phone calls and text conversions that your DCM Campaign has generated via the DCM reporting interface.

    1. Log into your DCM account

    2. 2. Click the options icon in the upper right corner, and select ‘Reporting & Attribution’

    Accessing Conversion Data in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

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    3. In the top navigation bar, select the ‘Attribution’ option

    4. You will then be prompted to select the Floodlight configuration(s) you want to view reporting details for:

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    5. In the resulting screen, select the Floodlight Activities that you would like to report on:

  • 6. Review the resulting report:


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    Using this guide to set up your DCM integration will get you up and running with more streamlined data analysis.

    After integrating your call and SMS data with your paid campaign reports, you will begin seeing the opportunities that call and text analytics can open up for your campaign management and reporting. We have a number of additional resources to help you use the Telmetrics platform to your fullest advantage.

    Additional Resources

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    Our customer service and account management teams are also ready and able to answer any questions, so feel free to get in touch at any time: call us at 1-800-242-1690 or email us at [email protected]

    Official Website: Telmetrics.com

    Full list of integrations and partners: Integrations

    Resources: Telmetrics Insights

    Full API Documentation: developer.telmetrics.com


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