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  • 1. How to remove DoubleClick?

2. ContentHave you heard of DoubleClick?Is DoubleClick safe to use?DoubleClick and virtual schemersIs DoubleClick malicious?Browser hijacker symptomsShould you remove DoubleClick?How about manual removal?How to remove DoubleClick? 3. Have you heard of DoubleClick?DoubleClick is a browser extension which has beendeveloped by Google and which can be applied onoperating Windows systems and such popular Internetbrowsers as IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.The application complements such tools as AdWords orAdSense and has been developed to provide onlineadvertisement services.Some of the best know DoubleClick customers are Apple, GeneralMotors, Coca-Cola, LOral and even Microsoft. 4. 5. Is DoubleClick safe to use?DoubleClick in itself is not a malicious program; however,it can collect private information about your virtual habitsand activity. This is done with the help of a special, datagathering cookie. Many websites apply HTTP cookies tocollect data, produce relevant advertisement, searchresults and enhance browsing in other ways. Moreover,cookies allow you to connect to your personal accountsautomatically.Regardless, DoubleClick is not safe. 6. DoubleClick and virtual schemers Virtual schemers are well aware of the value of your personal data, which is why they will do whatever it takes to get a hold of it. Do you want schemers recording your personal information? This is exactly what can be done, if cyber crooks manage to corrupt the cookie and employ it for malignant operations. 7. So is DoubleClick malicious?If DoubleClick is corrupted by schemers it canbecome extremely dangerous to your virtualidentity. In fact, the malicious application canthen be categorized as a browser hijacker, asit has attributes and symptoms applicable tothis group of malignant software.How to find out if your browser is hijacked byschemers? 8. Browser hijacker symptomsThere are many different symptoms that will help yourecognize the threat running on your computer. Some ofthe most notable symptoms are: Slower PC performance Decreased Internet connection speed Unauthorized browser setting changes (modified home page, Favorites, Bookmarks). Secretly installed browser extensions, including suspicious toolbars. Adware Web page rerouting 9. Should you remove DoubleClick?Even though DoubleClick is not a malicious program andGoogle should not be blamed for questionable relations tocyber criminals, you should not allow DoubleClick runningon your computer. The corrupted extension could redirectyou to suspicious websites or trick you into clicking onmalicious online ads, both of which could lead to furthermalware installation and other scams.There is no doubt you should delete DoubleClick. So, howshould you do it? 10. How about manual removal?Manual DoubleClick removal is not something all Windowsusers will be capable of. What is more, if the authenticapplication is actually corrupted it may have alreadyallowed the installation of secondary infections. Despitethis, you may try to remove DoubleClick via the ControlPanel and your personal browser extension managers.This is NOT the last step. 11. How to remove DoubleClick?There is a possibility for the malicious DoubleClickcomponents and secondary infections to run withoutyour notice after manual removal operations. This iswhy you should install a computer scanner to checkif there are no files and programs left to delete.Additionally, it is recommended to install automaticthreat detection and removal tools to protect yourPC against similar attacks in the future. 12. NoteDo you have morequestions regardingDoubleClick removal?Click the link below tofind out more!