What is gamification? And how is Gamification different from Games, Sumulations or Serious Games?

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  1. 1. What is Gamication? Gamication is a scalable framework for encouraging users to engage in desired behaviours voluntarily AllRightsreserved,20131
  2. 2. How does Gamication work? Gamemechanicsmo:vateandengage Badges:Senseofachievement,instant gra:ca:on Levels:Achievablegoalsandincrementalsense ofprogress Challenges:Balancebetweenskillanddiculty Points:Dieren:atecommiLedlearnerfrom casualdabbler Leaderboard:Reputa:on,BraggingRights, HealthyCompe::on (1) Source: Philosophy of Motivation, Csikszentmihalyi, BunchBall Whitepaper AllRightsreserved,20132
  3. 3. Gamication is not Gamingor Serious Gaming, for that matter Business Gamication is a framework for designing repeatable and agile business processes/ technologyGaming on the other hand focusses on deep interactions in game play, resulting in higher degree of customization but limited extensibility Play Source: http://www.slideshare.net/dings/from-game-design-elements-to-gamefulness-dening-gamication AllRightsreserved,20133
  4. 4. Gamication is more suited for todays dynamic business environment Gaming/ Simulation / Serious GamingGamificationAgility / Time to deploy3-6 months< 4 weeksFlexibilityLowHighResources RequiredHighLowCost ModelUpfront Sunk CostValue Based/Per UserDepth of SimulationHighMedium(graphics, servers, manpower)Source: http://www.hrzone.com/ AllRightsreserved,20134


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