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Your Pest Control Company in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina

Moxie Pest Control NC

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Moxie Pest Control provides high-quality pest control services to the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. With a strong focus on customer service and guaranteed results, you can trust Moxie to keep your property free from unwanted guests!

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Your Pest Control Company in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina

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All About Moxie Pest Control NC

• The Moxie Pest Control Team Eliminates all of those unwanted guests from your home or business:– Ants– Spiders– Ticks– Small Rodents– All other annoying pests!

• Moxie is focused on providing all of these high-quality services while upholding the highest customer service standards in the industry.

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The Moxie Quarterly Pest Protection Program

Pest Protection Program customers receive a regularly scheduled visit every three months from a highly-trained Moxie Certified. The technician will treat the property and inspect for any new or hidden problems.

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Satisfaction is Guaranteed with the Pest Protection Program

If, for any reason, you need another visit from a Moxie Technician outside of your regularly scheduled quarterly appointments, simply call Moxie and they’ll send a technician right out!

This re-servicing is providedabsolutely free-of-charge, and is just one of the ways Moxie ensuresthat any problems you have are eliminated!

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A Thorough Initial Property Inspection and Treatment

It is imperative that your property be thoroughly inspected by a technician so that they fully understand all issues and can identify any hidden problems. The Moxie initial visit includes:– A checkup and sweeping of the eaves (overhangs), as many bugs

and pest like to nest under these– A review of all possible problem areas inside and outside of the

home– Treatment from a power sprayer 3 feet up the building, and all

around the structure. This isn’t a hand held pump like other companies use, this is a powerful device that is sure to send the bugs running

– A granulated treatment around the building that syncs into the ground, allowing for long-lastingprotection

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More About Moxie Pest Control NC

• Moxie Pest Control NC was founded in 2009, and provides their superior services to customers all throughout the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina

• Thousands of customers rely on Moxie to keep their homes and businesses completely free from all types of pests

• By this summer (2012), Moxie will employ of 60 people in the local office!

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Customer Service Matters to Moxie

• Moxie strives to provide a customer service experience that is second to no other business in any industry.

• From wearing shoe covers while walking inside, to sweeping up tiny messes created inside, Moxie ensures that no detail is overlooked.

• Hidden fees are annoying, and no customer wants to deal with them – so Moxie doesn’t have any.

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The shoe covers that Moxie Technicians Wear

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The Eaves: Inspecting and Sweeping

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A Thorough Inspection is Necessary to Find any Hidden Problems

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Customer Comments & Reviews• Jake was great to work with. He was very attentive to my requests an went over the entire

exterior of the house. I am very happy I switched over to Moxie. Thanks to you all for your quality services. I have made recommendations to a number of friends. I hope they listen and join up with you! -John D.

• Matt, as always, does a super job. He is pleasant, professional, courteous, efficient, listens well to our questions, and takes the time to provide us with the information we need to make an informed choice. -Bob

• Jack was such a nice guy and is great at what he does. He took the time to go around the house and find out where the ants where coming from. He was the first pest man to spray into the siding of the house and realized that there was an ant colony in there. He spent a great deal of time fighting our ant problem. My wife and I are thankful that Moxie sent Jack out for our service! -Joe

• Matt F. came out to get rid of the spider webs and hopefully the spiders that are making the webs. He was very helpful in letting me know to have the outside sprayed for fleas and ticks during the quarterly treatments, and to also have them spray each time I have any re-service done as well. Thanks for all your help Matt! –Sherry

• Jack was here today for re-service and quarterly. Jack was very knowledgeable, andthorough. Inspected trouble areas, treated, and set up for revisit in a week forrecheck. Excellent service---thanks Jack! -Rex

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Other US Moxie LocationsMoving out of North Carolina but still want to work with Moxie? Or did you stumble upon this but don’t live in Raleigh-Durham?If you live in any of the following areas, you’re in luck! Moxie Pest Control also has locations in:• Northern Virginia• Salt Lake City, Utah• Phoenix, AZ

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Moxie Pest Control NC Contact Info

Website: www.MoxiePestControlNC.com

Email :[email protected]

Phone: 919.781.8200

Address: 6301 Angus Dr #C Raleigh, NC 27617