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moxie moxie Our students have lots of Unfortunately moxie doesn’t pay college tuition bills. ( )

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Our students have lots of moxie. Unfortunately, moxie doesn't pay college tuition bills. When you invest in students with this kind of tenacity, you are helping create a pipeline of young talent that Mid-South companies rely on for success.

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moxiemoxieOur students have lots of

Unfortunately moxie doesn’t pay college tuition bills.( )

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CoreyBusiness Information

and Technology( )Corey is a full-time parent, full-time employee and full-time student. We think he is also full-time moxie. He lives an hour off

campus with his disabled grandmother, wife and one-year old

daughter. Corey and his wife work full time to pay the bills that

keep this family afloat, but saving for his education is tough

and stressful. His daily routine is something most of us wouldn’t

survive a single day, but Corey doesn’t have time to complain.

He just keeps thinking about how wonderful life will be one

day. He will graduate soon with a BBA from Fogelman College

of Business and Economics, plans to become commissioned

as an officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserve to pay for graduate

school at the UofM, because Corey’s goal is to become a

CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Somehow he makes time to

serve on the UofM Student Ambassador’s Board and other

volunteer organizations.



2 a.m.

4 a.m.

6 a.m.

8 a.m.

10 a.m.


2 p.m.

4 p.m.

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8 p.m.

10 p.m.


8.5 hour-shift at a call center

UofM day classes

Studies, completes

school work, volunteers on

campus, sleeps

Leaves for UofM night classes

Picks up daughter from daycare, feeds

her and puts her to bed

before Mom gets home

Prepares for 8.5 hour shift at the

call center

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Loewenberg College of Nursing( )

Melody is raising three children under the age of 10. Her ex-husband, who struggles

with addiction, abandoned them years ago.

She wakes up at 5 a.m., works part-time then

squeezes in laundry, kids’ homework, cooking

and cleaning, before getting back to her nursing

studies. She does her clinical rotation by day

and finally gets to bed by 2 a.m. each weekday,

surviving on very little sleep. She has applied for,

received and exhausted all financial aid options.

She’s in debt by $20,000 in student loans and

has two more years to go until graduation. As

an adult student, she is proud to show her kids

that even though she’s “reaching late,” she’s still

reaching for her dreams. She will do whatever

it takes to become a nurse and provide for her

children. She is all they have.


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Civil Engineering( )

Holland came to us with a perfect ACT score.

Even as a full-time student with a merit scholarship, she still has to find the time to work 30 hours a week or more to pay basic bills to live and eat. From a single-parent,

cash-strapped household, she knows it’s up

to her to pay for college. She checks her

balance daily. Sometimes there’s $20 to get

by on, sometimes $30 a week. Most students

just call home to have more money put in their

accounts. Holland doesn’t have that safety net.

There are no luxury items in her grocery cart

or eating out. Constantly stressed out about

cash and gas money, she escapes into her

engineering studies. Her life is work, school,

study, repeat.


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