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Miss Moxie December 2012

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The Holiday issue featuring Kiana Brown

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Happy Holidays from Miss Moxie I’d like to extend you a very warm Happy Holiday wish. During this time of year be sure to be thankful for family, friends and every blessing you have in your life. I hope you enjoy this issue featuring the sensational Kiana Brown and have a holiday season full of love, peace and joy. – Grace Hatton, Editor-In-Chief





Holiday Season

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DAZZLING Holiday Looks

Avoid the eternal question of what to wear this holiday season! Try one of these glitzy, go-to options. Which

look suits your unique style?

By Nicole Chapman

Classic Black

You just can’t go wrong with an LBD. It’s a timeless choice for swanky holiday parties and would even look stunning on New Year’s Eve. The so-chic peplum silhouette of this dress and the trendy ankle boots keep the look fresh. Simple jeweled earrings and a bold blue clutch complete the ensemble.

Black Star Seam Peplum Dress (dorothyperkins.com, $89), Doll House Hustler Black Faux Suede Ankle Boots (shoeocean.com, $45), Lulu Townsend Quilted Frame Clutch (dsw.com, $35), B. Brilliant Sterling Silver Pave Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings (macys.com, $40) 5

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Casual Cheer For casual shindigs, belt a red frock and mix with a tan cardigan, animal print pumps, and a fun gold charm necklace. This style is put-together, but relaxed and totally festive. For a different twist on the look, rock a pair of nude tights with brown riding boots.

Izabel London Pinafore Top Skater Dress (houseoffraser.co.uk, $35), H & M Cardigan (hm.com, $6.43), Tan Moon Buckle Jeans Belt (dorothyperkins.com, $9), Leopard Round Toe Pumps (dorothyperkins.com, $20), Gorjana Chloe Necklace (shoplastyle.com, $43)

Winter Whites

Be cute and comfortable in this day-to-night holiday outfit. Pair dark skinny jeans with a sparkly tank and then top it off with a snow-white blazer. Dangly earrings, a classy bag, and some beige patent leather pumps add fun detail and texture.

H&M Skinny Low Jeans (hm.com, $16), Oh My Love Sequin Bralet (topshop.com, $45), White Simple Design Three Quarters Sleeve Lapel Retro Blazer (lndressme.com, $38), Nude Pu Open Toe Hidden Heeled Shoes (chicnova.com, $45),


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Edgy Brights

Why not brighten up? Tuck a long sleeve black top or turtleneck into a vivid neon skirt. Accessorize with a spiky silver statement necklace and a chunky silver cuff. Then, finish the look with black pumps and a bright bag in a contrasting color.

Long Sleeve Crop Tee (topshop.com, $20), Skater Skirt in Neoprene (allyfashion.com, $25), H & M Black Pumps (hm.com, $48), ALDO Simler Clutch (aldoshoes.com, $40), Reeds Stainless Steel Polished Cuff Bangle

(fashion.ebay.com, $47), Z Designs Spiked Bib Chain Necklace (metroparkusa.com, $34)


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Photos by Benjo Arwas


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Meet the Fifteen-Year Old Singer Whose Hitting a High Note with Her Message

of Self Empowerment!

Interview Conducted by Grace Hatton

Miss Moxie: You Won the 2011 Kidz Pop Talent Search. What inspired you to enter?

Kiana Brown: My mom has always been a

big supporter of mine and we just stumbled upon Kidzstarusa.com at the exact right time and I entered on the very last day and my mom really encouraged me to do it. She said “ what’s the worst that can happen?” and I entered and it ended up being the start to my entire career!

MM: How did it feel when you found out you had won the completion out of thousands of entries?

KB: I was at a loss of words! I was in front of Kris Allen and my entire school and really what came into my head first was, “ Don’t cry, he’s going to make you sing.” Because I knew that I could not sing half the notes in Bleeding Love if I did! Afterwards I did a bunch of interviews and could not even think of what to say in response to half of the questions they were asking me because I was just so happy!


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MM: Who has been your biggest inspiration in your musical journey? KB: I would have to say all of the

amazing stars and writers that I have met and worked with! I came into the industry expecting to meet some not-so-nice-people but surprisingly, everyone I have met so far has had smiles on their faces and have been so humble! It’s so amazing to see people that are doing what they love and make other people happy for a living and are still so down to earth.

MM: What advice would you give for aspiring artists? KB: I would say, “Be yourself and have fun!” We only have one life and if

you take the experiences for granted and don’t enjoy the ride you might regret it. Besides, what better job is there than the one you love?

MM: Your new single ‘Hey Chica’ is clearly about empowering young women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Why is that message of empowerment important to you?

KB: I always say, “ What better way to a women’s heart than fashion?”

At first glance, “Hey Chica” says that everyone has their own fashion sense but if you read a little more into it, the message relays that everyone carries their own personality and neither of those things should change no matter where you are and I believe every girl should live with this motto.


Page 11: Miss Moxie December 2012

MM: What is the best way you believe girls and young women can feel empowered?

KB: Simply believing in yourself and sticking to it no matter who you’re with, where you are or what you’re doing because if you believe in yourself and show it, other people will too!

MM: How have you come around to believing in yourself?

KB: There were a few years in my life where I wasn’t letting myself just live and be me and I didn’t know how to fix it! There were a lot of changes happening and I was trying to get used to all of them at the most defining point in life. I realized I needed to let others in and not try to go through life fighting all of these battles on my own. I started talking to my mom a lot more and she kind of became my 24/7 counselor. She always told me “just don’t hold back anymore” and that I should try starting fresh. We had just moved and I decided to go to a new school and found new friends and a new lifestyle. It wasn’t easy right away but after a while I decided I felt a lot better about myself and more confident with the way I was living. I started wearing clothes not everyone would wear but outfits that I liked and giving my all to everything I was involved with and I was never scolded or talked about anymore and it felt really good. I’m still living that way and even though my life is a little different, I try and stay in school and hang out with friends to keep that lifestyle and keep me grounded.

MM: What message do you want people to hear in your music?

KB: I really don’t want to sugar coat anything in any of the songs I write and sing. ….. 11

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Shirt Design by Amy Marie Gotez

KB: (Continued) Sometimes life is not pretty and sometimes it is the best thing you could ever experience or imagine and I want each song to make people identify and really feel their personal memories when they hear each song.

MM: Outside of Your Music Do you support any charities?

KB: I have been volunteering since I was four! I love the feeling you get putting smiles on other people’s faces and making others feel good. I have recently volunteered every week at Hospice of the valley.

I always try and sing or make the patients laugh so that they can still feel happiness at the end of their life. I have also read to less fortunate children and started a small organization called Making Meals, Mending Hearts where we make sandwiches and pass them out with a bottled water in the summer time!

MM: What are your plans for the future?

KB: I plan to keep doing what I love and what makes me happy for the rest

of my life, no matter how much money or fame that entails. In the end what really matters are the experiences and lessons you take with you, even if no one is listening to my music or watching me on TV. You never know what the future has in store for you, so you just have to live in the moment and be happy with all you have been blessed with and I plan to keep that mentality for the rest of my life.:

MM: How can readers stay in touch with you? KB: You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram “@KianabrownMusic” and like my Facebook page, “Kiana Brown“. I also do updates of my incredible journey and covers on my Youtube channel, “Kiana Lede”.


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Live Your Life

Be Nice And Give Back

This Holiday Season

By Nicole


It can be easy to get caught up in the holiday shopping frenzy, but this

precious time of year is not about the material gifts we give and receive. In fact, what really matters is considering those who may be less fortunate, spending time with those we love, and contributing to make this world a better place for everyone in the New Year. Here are some ways you can give back this Holiday Season.

# 1 - Give Back to the Community

•Volunteer to serve a holiday meal at a shelter •Decorate and deliver holiday cards to nursing homes or hospitals •Participate in a holiday food, toy, or school supply drive at school or work •Go through your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear •Organize a group of friends to clean up a local park •For more ways to serve, visit: http://www.volunteer.gov/gov/ or http://www.volunteermatch.org/


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Live Your Life

#2 - Give Conscious Gifts

•Check out http://pinterest.com for oodles of craft ideas and DIY gifts •Make someone’s life a little sweeter by gifting homemade baked goods •Make and give s certificate for a picnic, a tea party, or a family movie night •Are you a great cook? A guitar player? A fashionista? Give the gift of knowledge with a certificate for a lesson or consultation •If you do shop for gifts, help your local economy by shopping local and supporting small businesses •In lieu of gifts, consider making donations to charity at https://www.justgive.org/

#3 - Give Thanks to Loved Ones •Contact family members who can’t be with you for the holidays •Reach out to a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while

•Help Santa! Go out of your way to help a family member wrap gifts, babysit, or clean before guests arrive •Offer to plan, cook, or help prepare holiday meals •Say thank you! Give lots of thanks to those who go out of their way for you


Page 15: Miss Moxie December 2012

Live Your Life

This season, you can make someone's holiday special. Get out there and serve your community.

Be a conscientious gift giver. Take the time to show your friends and family you appreciate them. We all have our own special talents and gifts. Which

of yours can you share?


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The Three


With a Cause

By Grace Hatton

It may seem like a long time

ago, but just over a month ago the nation was being bombarded by political ads for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. During the political fight for the President’s office, there were numerous debates but one debate was special for a particular reason. On October 15th a woman, Candy Crowley, moderated the final Presidential debate. This was the first time in over twenty years that a woman had moderated a Presidential debate.

And this victory was inspired by three sixteen year old ladies who made the choice to fight for the cause they believed in. Sam Seagull, Elena Tsemberis, and Emma Axelrod are three young ladies from Montclair, NJ started a petition for a female moderator in the debates. The three ladies met through a Spanish class they have together as well as being part of a small learning community within their high school called the Civics and Government Institute.

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When the three ladies learnt of

the lack of female moderators they decided it was a problem and something they wanted to try to help fix that problem. The ladies saw this as more than just an issue with lack of female representation in debates, but also in the further media as well. “We wanted to have a female moderator in the presidential debates because twenty years had passed, and only men were up their on the stage asking the questions,” says Sam Seagull “It was time for a woman to have her voice heard, and there was simply no reason as to why the Presidential Debate Commission did not choose women over the past two decades.” “For so many years, I have seen the detrimental effects growing up in America can have on teenage girls,” says Elena Tsemberis “.I spent a summer at the Girls Leadership Institute before my sophomore year

and many of my friends there had been victims of bullying or sexual harassment, bad been through depressions, and felt belittled and inferior to men because of who we see on the covers on magazines, billboards, tv, and other media sources. I believe equal representation for women and girls will help girls see themselves in a whole new light, one in which they are not judged on appearance, but rather on achievements.“ Seagull, Axelrod and Tsemberis wrote a petition in May 2012 for a female moderator. They posted the petition on change.org. The cause received over 100,000 signatures in less than a week. In late July Segaull, Axelrod and Tsemberis travelled to the Presidential Debate Commission office in Washington DC to deliver the petition.

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The trio filled decorated boxes

with flash cards containing the signatures, and the printed out comments from the change.org petition website. The Commission did not receive the ladies, however as the requests poured in from media outlets it was clear the trio had made an impact and their message was being heard. The prove of their mission being recognized occurred on August 12th when Candy Crowley was announced as the moderator for the final presidential debate. “I was absolutely ecstatic when we found out Candy Crowley was chosen,” says Tsemberis “Whether we did or didn’t influence the Commission on Presidential Debates in their decision, we know that we spread awareness about this overlook in our society. We had the voices of 180,000 Americans behind us, and the choice of a female moderator meant these voices were heard. I believed more than ever in the principle of democracy. “

Seagull, Axelrod and Tsemberis are living proof that three regular people can make a big difference on a national scale. They also encourage other young women, like you, to stand up and fight for whatever cause they believe in. “It's crucial for women like Emma, Elena and me to go out and fight for what they believe in,” says Seagull “The world is what you make of it, and every individual has the power to change it. Never be afraid to let your voice or opinions be heard, and never back down.

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