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2016 Moxie Catalogue

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Moxie Mojo Hotline 1-888-404-MOXI (6694)Moxie Fax 1-866-881-5436Canada Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

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Find Your MOXIE…We Dare You!

We provide and create a culture of empowerment for women who wear work boots. We strive for

excellence as a designer and manufacturer dedicated exclusively to women.

The Moxie Mission

The Moxie Definition• The ability to face fear with spirit and courage.

• Skill, know-how• Adventurous, audacity, backbone, boldness,

bravery, daring, determination, fearlessness, fortitude, guts, nerve, spirit, stamina, tenacity,

toughness, valour

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GOT MOXIE CALENDAR• Highlights women with MOXIE;• Promotes young women who find their MOXIE through

mentorship and championing;• Features a different charity every month;• Monthly charity to receive $250 within their featured

month + Online Social Media Engagement;

All gross profits will be donated to the MOXIE Foundation which will provide bursaries to young women.• 2016 Bursary will go to one woman in a Skilled Trades


Funds will also be used to promote our Young Women with MOXIE Ambassador Program. Similar to our contests; young women can be nominated or self-nominate to receive our “GOT MOXIE” certificate. When young women share their stories of moxie; we will mail out a "Moxie Mojo Kit" which will include:• Branded “GOT MOXIE” T-shirt;• Certificate of Authentic MOXIENESS;• Membership to our MOXIE Portal which will provide

young women with success tools and inspirational stories.

Customized retailer calendars availableCost $10.00 with SRP of $19.99.


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Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

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Alice Black – MT201303-50160

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

• 200g Warmtex Insulation

Page 8: 2016 Moxie Catalogue

8” Industrial Safety Work Boots

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

• 200g Warmtex Insulation


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Add photo of 2 laces

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11


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Where will your boots take you?

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Find Your MOXIE…We Dare You!Include photos of women who have won our awards.

include page numbers on each page?

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Moxie Trades Retailer Appreciation DaysWe would like to participate in your customer appreciation events. Please contact us at [email protected] regarding your upcoming events.

Moxie Trades Retailer WebsitePlease visit our exclusive Moxie Trades Retailer Website. The website contains a library of product information, product knowledge sheets, photographs, product sku information and marketing materials. All available for download.

Retail.moxietrades.comUser: moxieretailerPassword: GOT MOXIE

GuaranteeMoxie Trades and TT Group will replace or repair product free of charge within three months of purchase for product with a manufacturer’s defect.

Footwear PromiseMoxie Trades products are made with top quality materials and are designed exclusively for women. We dedicate all of our product development with the utmost love and care. Our products are put to the test in focus groups and partner associations with women who wear work boots.

These boots were made for working!

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The Ultimate Lightweight HikersVegas


Details:Black – Full grain leather upperTaupe – Suede and mesh upper• Aluminum toe• Composite plate• TPU Shank• Eyelets Black – rust proof gun metal

Taupe – Plastic Eyelets• PK abrasion resistant lining• Compressionmolded EVA midsole• Removable cushioned EVA insole• Slip and oil resistant rubber outsole• CSA approved Grade 1• ESR/EH• Meets or exceeds ASTM F 2413-05 requirements

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

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Lightweight Athletic Safety Runners

Robin MT201212-50142Rene MT201212-50141TieDye MT201212-50140

Sizes 5, 6-10, 11


Tie Dye


Page 15: 2016 Moxie Catalogue

Lightweight Metal-Free Athletic Hiker

Details:Black – All leather upperPurple – Synthetic with mesh inserts upper


Sizes 5, 6-10, 11

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Moxie Mojo Hotline 1-888-404-MOXI (6694)Moxie Fax 1-866-881-5436Canada Email: [email protected] Email:[email protected]

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