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Khandwa Municipal Corporation

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  • 1. 1 E-Governance System of Khandwa Municipal Corporation: A Success Story G. P. Sahu
  • 2. 2 Introduction KMC, Khandwa established in the year 1867 to serve Khandwa's 15000 population. present population of Khandwa is 2.10 lacks, Work volume of the Corporation has tremendously increased Dissatisfaction among the citizens of the city due to inefficient working of the corporation
  • 3. 3 Introduction IT brought new concept of speed, skill, transparency IT improved the ability of government to address the needs of society Many government services can be provided online by using the Internet Technology. publishing of policy and programme related information making online transaction of various taxes, bills etc.
  • 4. 4 Introduction It extends beyond provision of on-line services and covers the strategic planning and reaching development goals Applying the lens of good governance accountability transparency participation responsiveness strategic vision etc.
  • 5. 5 Introduction E-Governance applications in the automation of Municipal Corporation holds great promise for the socio-economic development of urban areas. Khandwa Municipal Corporation e-governance project is the initiative for automation of various processes of Khandwa Municipal Corporation (KMC), MP, India. There is reduction in time spent from 15 days to 15 minutes in the issuing a Birth/Death certificate.
  • 6. 6 Introduction The E-governance project has turnaround the KMC in context of revenue growth (80% growth only in one and a half year) Growth in terms economic condition, Public image, organizational systems etc. This project has multidimensional and focused vision on all key process and activities of the corporation
  • 7. 7 Introduction It provides features like right to information, transparency, functioning and speed with skill and accountability.
  • 8. 8 Project Objectives Government to Employee Objectives Government to Business Objectives Khandwa Municipal E- Governance System Government to Future Objectives Government to Citizen Objectives
  • 9. 9 Government to Citizen Objectives Prompt, accurate and best quality services to the citizens Information dissemination Transparency Reduction in double standards Credibility Project Objectives
  • 10. 10 Government to Business Objectives Financial Empowerment Enhancement in income growth Simplification of tax structure Internal Professionalism Process Modification Project Objectives
  • 11. 11 Government to Employee Objectives Better Human Resource management Reduce Complexity in working Better work Environment Project Objectives
  • 12. 12 Government to future Objectives Prosperity through certainty in income Long Tern fase-wise development Self sufficiency Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS) Payment collection through banks Automated SMS system to tax payers To acquire ISO 9000 Standard certification Project Objectives
  • 13. 13 Benefits of project implementation
  • 14. 14 Reduction in man power Sl Work Man power required before automation Man power required after automation % reduction in man power 1 preparing demand registers 45 0 100% 2 preparing payrolls and GPF accounts 8 2 75%
  • 15. 15 Comparison Chart (service to citizen) Module Service Prior to implementati on After Implementati on Birth and Death Process of Issuing a Birth Certificate 15 days 15 minutes Authentication of birth application 5 days 30 seconds Process Issuing a Death Certificate 15 days 15 minutes Authentication of Death Application 5 days 30 seconds Social Security Application Approval/Disapproval process 15 days 15 minutes Pension Generation and Payment 2 months 6 hours Money Order Preparation 1 month 6 hours
  • 16. 16 Module Service Prior to implementati on After Implementati on License Process of Issuing License 15 days 2 days Renewal of License 7 days 30 seconds Expiry License Searching 2 days 15 seconds Ration Card Process of Ration Card Preparation and Issuing 15 days 2 days Renewal of Ration Card 7 days 30 seconds Water Connection Water Connection Process 15 days 3 days Comparison Chart (service to citizen)
  • 17. 17 Comparison Chart (service to Citizen) Module Service Prior to implementati on After Implementati on Property Tax New Property Registration 1 day 15 minutes Breakup of Property 1 day 15 minutes Transfer of Property 1 day 15 minutes Building Permission Authentication of the application as per the MOS Rules 3 days 15 seconds Authentication of the application as per Bhumi Adhiniyam 3 days 15 seconds Complaint Complaint Logging, Internal Department Processing 3 days 30 seconds Complaint Status Inquiry 1 day 10 seconds
  • 18. 18 Module Service Prior to implementatio n After Implementatio n HRM Pay Bill Generation 7 days 1 hours Pay slip printing N/A 12 seconds Loan/Advance Payment 1 day Fraction of second Employee GPF Ledger Updation 1 month Fraction of second Finance Cash Book Preparation 1 hour 15 seconds Day Book Preparation 1 hour 15 seconds Social Security Application Approval /Disapproval Process 15 days 15 minutes Pension Generation and Payment 2 months 6 hours Money order Printing 1 month 6 hours Comparison Chart (service to employee)
  • 19. 19 Other benefits Saving of Money Used open source technologies development and updating time and cost is saved. Improved Quality of Service reduction in dependency of the citizens over the corporation many services like complaint logging, complaint status inquiry, arrear status etc. are available online on 24X7 basis.
  • 20. 20 Other benefits Time of the citizen and the employees are saved in-terms of decreased number of personal visits The system has local language (Hindi) interface. Revenue Growth: 80% growth in one and half year
  • 21. 21 Increase in revenue generation Sl. No. Year Total Revenue Generated (Rs.) % Increase in Revenue 1 2002 03 2,91,90,687 2 2003 04 3,72,28,475 27.5 3 2004 05 5,61,09,030 50.7
  • 22. 22 Revenue Generation 29.19 37.23 56.11 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 2002 03 2003 04 2004 05 Financial year Revenue-Rs.inCror Increase in revenue generation
  • 23. 23 Benefits at a glance Sr. No. Aspect Pre Computerization Post Computerization Effect 1 Revenue to the department Rs. 29190687 (Year 2002-03) Rs. 56109030 (Year 2004-05) ~ 80% increase 2 Time for certificate issuance In days (15 days). Maximum of 15 Minutes Drastic cut down in waiting 3 Authentication of certificate In Days (7 days) Within half a minute Citizen satisfaction 4 Report Generation Manual Computerized Quick and accurate various reports 5 Internal processes paybill, loan etc In days Maximum of one hour Employee satisfaction

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