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AGARTALA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: . E- Governanace. Agartala Municipal Corporation:. Agartala Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest Municipality of India set up in 1871. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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E-Governanace 1Agartala Municipal Corporation:Agartala Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest Municipality of India set up in 1871.

Over the years Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) has earned name for better implementation of development schemes and effecting JnNURM reforms.

AMC was awarded with Best BSUP City Award under JNNURM in 2010 for development of Housing Projects for Urban Poor and the Nagar Ratna Award in 2011 for the best performing municipality on Transparency and Accountability2e-Governance is a paradigm shift over the traditional approaches in administration, for rendering various services and information to the public using electronic means. It has brought about a revolution in the quality of service delivered to the citizens. It has ushered in transparency in the governing process; saving of time due to provision of services through single window; simplification of procedures; better office and record management; reduction in corruption; and improved attitude, behavior and job handling capacity of the dealing personnel. 3Present Network Structure of AMC All 35 Ward OfficesPresent structuresProposed to extend Internet Connection and other related infrastructures up to 35 Ward Offices to provide the services to the citizen at Ward levelPresent Network connectivity :Mainly AMC Head Office, Zonal Offices and Mechanical Division are connected through ACAN (Agartala City Area Network)BSNL, Broadband Connection.

In order to bring transparency and efficiency in administration and to ensure speedy qualitaive citizen centric services, AMC has developed web based software application named e-Pourasabha covering following online services/management under AMC

Property Tax & Water Tax Online Building Plan ApprovalOnline Issue of Trade LicensesOnline Water connectionIssue of Food Licenses Issue of Birth & Death Registration Double Entry Accounting SystemOnline Citizen GrievancesOnline E-Procurement E-Governanace Status :

Website : AMC has a website where all necessary information of AMC and all the link of online services has given.

7Link of online services in AMC website

Website Online services page.

In this page all the link of Online services are available.

Citizen can get the services through online

Online Building Plan Approval

System is ready has launched for 8 month before.Online Application and Payment gateway facility is also available.


All the Building Plans to be processed with in 7 days, Minimum human interface, full transparency, no any inconvenience to public, online payment gateway

Citizen can apply attaching softcopy of all required documents as per Tripura Building Rule, any discrepancy is found system will automatic reject the plan. Citizen can see his application status onlineAfter approval he can pay online and generate permission with facsimile signature of authority.

Web Application for Property Tax of AMC:

At present Property Tax and Water tax, Birth/Death Registration modules are running on web based application with centralized database.

Shortly all the said services shall be online with the availability of online payment gate way shortly

10Online Touji Application:At present Touji is running fully online base where all the data of Touji of shop-owners of AMC markets is made.

Citizen can apply through online for New Touji or mutation, he can know the status of application.

11Online water connection application:

At present online water connection process started pilot basis in AMC Central Zone.

Citizen can submit his application through fully online and he can know his application status online.Online Public Grievances system

Citizen can submit online his/her grievances regarding complaints of Municipal services online regarding :Storm waterDrinking waterIllegal constructionEncroachmentsDrainageSewerage TreatmentRoads and FootpathHealthElectricityUnauthorized constructionStreet light

Online E-Procurement :E-procurement module which is fully online prepared by IL& FS is ready.

Payment can be made online via payment gateway14Bio-Metric Attendance Device have already installed and functioning successfully in AMC .

Bio-Metric Attendance Device15Immediate Plans for E-Governance under AMC GIS based online Property Tax software: have already been developed under the IDC (Institutional Development Consultancy) ADB project GIS based property Tax module in AMC following the guidelines laid down by GOI. Software is ready to be launched shortly after the property rules are approved by the government which will lead to shift from the current ARV based property tax assessment to unit area based assessment.

Initiatives for webbased to Online: AMC has taken initiative to provide online Birth/Death Registration, Trade License and Food License. At present these module is running on webbased applcation.

Online ROR (Register of Ordinary Residents) SystemAMC has initiated to develop this Online ROR System service. NIC has develop the Software. Work order has issued for Data entry work.

Online Payment : An agreement has been done with BilDesk to providing online payment gateway with 64 nos. nationalized Bank. Per transaction rate are Net banking 10/-, Gateway payment with debit card 20/- and Gateway with credit card 1.45% per transaction.

16Thankse-mail : sujitsarkar.amc@gmail.comMob : 9436487550

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