How Companies Use Social Media at Work

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1. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ANYWAY? #BLOGGING4JOBS 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ANYWAY? #BLOGGING4JOBS 3. #BLOGGING4JOBS TYPES OF SOCIAL MEDIA 4. USES FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AT WORK 5. SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTION 6. SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN RECRUITING & HIRING 7. #BLOGGING4JOBS CASE STUDY Event page created as lead generation tool! Created by: Recruitment Branding! Pipeline managed by: Recruiting ! 8. WHO USES SOCIAL MEDIA? #BLOGGING4JOBS 9. CASE STUDY #BLOGGING4JOBS 10. FREQUENCY OF USE #BLOGGING4JOBS 11. PODCASTING 12. PODCASTING 13. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY #BLOGGING4JOBS Ask Questions! Train & Communicate! Use resources like GovLoop! 14. #BLOGGING4JOBS CASE STUDY Periscope Campaign! #followthesun! 230 new followers! 5,078 views! 164 minutes! Tweets, video, case study & blogs ! 15. #BLOGGING4JOBS FINAL THOUGHTS Social media is preferred communication method for +50% of the employee population.! Use mobile & social tech to reinforce work messaging. ! 16. Jessica Miller-Merrell @jmillermerrell! ! (405) 293-2564! SOURCES 28% of Time Online is Spent on Social Networking! 7 Uses of Social Media at Work !! Social Media Site Demographics! Frequency of Social Media Use!! SPEAKER LinkedIn:! #BLOGGING4JOBS


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