7 tips for growing your startup business

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  2. 2. BUILD YOUR NETWORKS Don't ignore building your networks. This is the one thing you should constantly work on. Don't let your business be one of them.
  3. 3. DONT DO IT ALONE The internet makes it easier than ever to team up with other people. If you can't afford to hire employees, use virtual assistants, online marketing companies to take some of the load off your shoulders.
  4. 4. EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY Technology continues to grow at an incredible speed especially communication area. That means you will have newer, easier ways to stay in contact with your prospects, clients, and circle of strong network of friends.
  5. 5. EMPHASIZE VALUE, NOT PRICE Train yourself and your people not to emphasize price but to show prospects how your product or service is of value to their business.
  6. 6. MAKE MARKETING YOUR PRIORITY Big mistake if you under leverage your marketing budget. The only way to keep your business on your prospect's minds is to market it.
  7. 7. OFFER SOMETHING NEW Instead of cutting prices, try to add more value by updating your products or services. Cutting your prices devalues what you offer in the eyes of your prospects. Bring something new to the table.
  8. 8. TALK TO YOUR CLIENTS To make this happen, use an e-mail hosting tool that gives you the option to e-mail your newsletter, survey or give away prices. Keep it simple and flexible.
  9. 9. Bring it all together. Growing your business is hard work. But anything worth having...usually is Thank you, Timi Nadela