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Sharon O'Dea of Standard Chartered talks about useless and useful features at Intranet Now, the first and only independent intranet conference in the UK.


  • 1. INTRANET FEATURESYOU NEEDRIGHT NOWSharon ODea@sharonodeaintranetizen.com

2. LUNCH ALERT 3. WHOS FREEFOR LUNCH? 4. CANTEEN CAM 5. CAKE FINDER 6. ESN IDIOT FILTER 7. WEATHER WIDGET 8. EMERGENCYANIMALS 9. THE RIGHT TOOLDeliver business value by meetingyour own organisations specificneeds- Automating simple tasks- Meeting local business needs- Use intranet functionality toovercome existing challenges 10. FREE FOR LUNCH? 11. FREE FOR LUNCH?http://bit.ly/Lunch-Roulette 12. WEATHER WIDGET 13. PRODUCTIVITYIT has automated the big systemsBut were forced to overcome tensof small inefficiencies every day 14. SITUATED SOFTWAREsoftware designed for a particularsocial situation or context- Doesnt embrace scale,generality or completeness- Focused instead on designingfor a specific need and group ofpeople 15. FORM-FIT TOOLSBy designing for your own usersand not generic users,development is grounded in theuser community from the start.The result is form-fit tools whichmore precisely meet the needs ofusers. 16. THANKSContact:@sharonodeasharon@sharonodea.co.ukWeb:sharonodea.co.ukintranetizen.com