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Virginia Henry of Unltd and LIKE talks about people on Intranet Now, the first and only independent intranet conference in the UK.


  • 1. How Jim Morrison can openDoors to IntranetsVirginia HenryManager, Knowledge and Learning, UnLtd

2. When you're strange no oneremembers your namePeople Are Strange.From the Doors 2nd album Strange Days 1967 3. From a crowd of strangers to anetwork of colleagues 4. Liberation from the thraldom of emailEmail is useful, but its not goodwhen.....Used as the default alternative totalkingUsed as a comms blunt instrument:Type first, think laterDozens of ccs and, worse, bccsAsking others when you couldbe looking for the answeryourself... 5. Colleagues just a click away 6. ...and the profile tells you more 7. People power the intranet 8. Solving ProblemsThe Problem The SolutionNo KM team Leadership team and key influencers asearly adoptersNo IT department Cloud hosted, supported solution IglooWe dont do tech.... User-friendly social softwareWho is... What is.... Where is?! Clear navigation, induction training,regular refresher trainingToo much going on cant keep up! Calendar channels, regular blogs, newsupdatesPrivate spaces, project teams, partnercollaboration areas......Access rights, dedicated group spaces,extranets.Email requests can you send me......? Respond with the URL 9. Start with the people, build the purpose and the platformbecomes the place for the people who build the purpose....PeopleOnboardingProfilesCollaborationOwnershipPurposeKnowledgeResourcesSupport InteractionPlace First placeto look First placeto share First placeto learnVirtualoffice 10. Thank you!If you have any.....orThoughts to share......lets talk later.


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