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Nedra WeinreichWeinreich CommunicationsNetSquared Eastside Los AngelesAugust 31, @Nedra

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Twitteracy for NonprofitsNedra Kline WeinreichFlickr Photo: spbuenno


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Nedra Kline WeinreichEmail weinreich@social-marketing.comPhone 310.286.2721Twitter Communications

** Next were going to talk about Twitter. This is what many people think Twitter is all about.* But it can also be about this [read tweets]. @krash63 works for the American Heart Association and uses Twitter Search to scan for people using the word stroke in their tweets. When its appropriate she responds quickly with useful information -- which in this case could save a life. Twitter can be a great way to find and connect with people who are interested in a particular topic, and to have conversations with them.****************Ill end with that, and here is contact info for how to reach me if you have questions.