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Presentation to the Sutton Community and Police Forum, 28 January 2010. Thoughts on improving partnership working around our streetscene services, and an introduction to our 'Part of the Team...' campaign.

Text of Smarter Streets

  • 1. SMARTER STREETS Sutton Community and Police Forum 28 January 2010 Daniel Ratchford, Dan Jones

2. Introduction

  • What do we mean by Smarter Streets ?
  • Some good progress to date:
    • financial savings
    • Contender
    • problem solving meetings
  • Part of a Team that Keeps Sutton Clean - a new and helpful focus to this work
  • Opportunities for further improvements?

3. Services on the streets include

  • Streetsceneissues, currently the responsibility of E&L (incl responding to graffiti, fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling, etc.)
  • Enforcementfunctions around parking, waste, planning, and a range of functions within environmental sustainability
  • Policingissues, currently the responsibility of the SNTs

4. Services perform well in Sutton

  • The INSI data confirms that these are areas of concern to our residents (and the use of INSI itself is innovative)
  • These are all highly visible, borough-wide services
  • Most are proactive
  • Most are highly performing (and some are innovative)
  • There is already some excellent partnership working between the teams, departments, and agencies

5. There are opportunities to improve

  • Efficiencies?
  • Service improvement?
  • Better coordination of work at a neighbourhood level?
  • Better engagement with our residents?
  • More or better enforcement?

6. Emerging ideas short term

  • Build on current successes, including:
    • Contender
    • problem solving meetings
    • enforcement and FPN protocols
    • Part of the Team campaign
  • Make better use of data to support problem solving meetings and to determine priorities (from INSI, ward panel, neighbourhood watch)
  • Implement some immediate new initiatives in particular problem areas

7. Emerging ideas short term 8. 9. Emerging ideas medium term

  • Develop new resident engagement opportunities the practical implementation of Part of the Team
  • Ideas might include:
    • Sutton Eyes and Young Sutton Eyes?
    • Love Sutton?
    • revamped and republicised enforcement policy
    • social networking opportunities?
    • better links through schools (and the Life Centre)
    • Sutton High Street as a pilot and focus - area

10. Emerging ideas longer term

  • Reconsider and reconfigurate enforcement powers?
  • Consider more radical restructuring options between teams.Options might include:
    • bringing together back office functions?
    • bringing together middle management?
    • bringing together front line teams?