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  • 1. Sharing yourVision w/ Social Media A work shop on using free and cheap technology to promote your creative work with the world! You Are All Story Tellers Already- These are Just new Ways to tell a story.

2. What to expect today

  • ONLINE Getting your web presence going, or moving it forward-OPTIONS , things to watch for-Dos and Donts
  • What is out there (and there is a lot of it)
  • What works together and how to make the most of it all.
  • 1&2 will be A LOT of material, some you wont understand right off, that is OK. Take the ideas with you as resources and you can always use more as you go along. Everything comes in small steps.
  • We are available for custom one on one consultations after today.
  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO INVEST IN THE PR AND MARKETING OF YOUR CREATIVE WORK!And the good news is, in the social media world this usually means time and not nec. Money.

3. Why This Stuff Matters 4. Getting yourself out there with technology. It is easier than it wasI promise

  • You MUSThaveyour own URL (also the email-gmail options)
  • Blogs/ Twitter and Social Media are becoming theBestway to promote, build community and get other folks to do your PR for you!
  • If you build it they still may not come!
  • To be a tweeter you must also become a twitter follower- RTer, Listener
  • What about Myspace? Facebook? Mixi?
  • Join communities and self promote like crazy
  • Techology does not have to be expensive
  • Books are our friends lots of good ht books out there
  • Dont be afraid of new stuff
  • Podcasting/ Online Video is easy- and fun And Terri will tell you more.
  • Lots of fun tools (and many of them integrated)
  • Pictures pictures pictures (if you dont have a camera get one!)
  • Copyright
  • Note to self- there is so much out there and new
  • stuff everyday. I dont have to use or understand all of it
  • taking it one step at a time is enough.

5. What is out there and making it work together to the best advantage

  • Blogs are one of the best new, virtually free, self promotion tools out there.(today we will look at two options there are others like Drupal, Joomla and more but these are the ones I am most familiar with)
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Where to start?
  • Then what?
  • Remember
  • books are our friends!
  • PS. Share the amazon trick

6. Other fun stuff

  • Twitter
  • Picasa and other photo tools (flickr, etc.)
  • Facebook and FANPAGESor groups
  • Mixi etc.
  • MadMimi- Online list and newsletter management
  • YouTube
  • Organizing tools like basecamp, writeboard 37signals, remember the milk
  • (esp. important in Japan)
  • 52projects and other tangential communities
  • Keep your eye on google the wave and others
  • digg

7. 8. Dont Just Talk 9. Offline & face to face

  • The Truth is
  • I wanted to do this workshop because talented creative people in my life drive me crazy.
  • this workshop
  • started as an offline idea.
  • (storytime)

10. Lauren and Terris Rules forSharing Your Vision .

  • MAKE A POSTCARD for everyday, not just your current project
  • Make cards & business cards / what to include on them - Think of how your biz-card etc. can be a little bit different.
  • Take time and money and make a serious writers portfolio Buy something nice, make it easy to carry, make sure it will last and include a little bit of everything
  • Have a Marketing kit
  • handy at all times!
  • Tools, tools, tools.
  • On Everything your print, or make- include your contact info (yours not just a publisher or store or venue)
  • Talk to other people and ask what they do- try out new things.
  • Write your own press-release and BUILD a press list
  • Do events. (restaurants and cafes are great- and great for PR)
  • Make a mailing list and USE it-paper and email MADMIMI
  • Copy shamelessly-good artists borrow, great artists steal- Picasso
  • Sharing and Q&A

11. Sharing yourVision

  • One on one consulting and assistance
  • at using technology to promote your
  • creative work and share your ideas with the world!
  • Lauren and Terri can help you take your online and offline PR to the next level.
  • Sharing Your Vision
  • New Media Public Relationsand
  • Marketing Assistance
  • For follow-up and help,
  • For new ideas andnew techology-
  • Email
  • Or call 090-5756-4967

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