Getting Started with Content Curation on Twitter

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  • 1. Getting Started and Making it Doable Friending the Finish Line November 2011

2. Definition of Expert in Internet Age Someone who knows an ounce more information than you do! Why am I up here? Not afraid to experiment I think in 140 characters! My kids have left home I dont like to jump out of bed in am I like to tweet and post. I leave blogging to others thus creating a little time. 3. Why I love Social Media Best Advocacy Tools since Media began! Gives everyone a megaphone in the public squareUnited Ways of California 3 4. Goal Become influencer, organization/person of credibility Drive them to your website Influence decision makers Create a majority among policy makersUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org4 5. Twitter versus Facebook Not an either or, but BOTH Facebook as friendly website that allows interactionwith your audience. More permanent Twitter short, quick, not as permanent BUT muchbigger audience.United Ways of California 5 6. StatsUnited Ways of California: Started March 2009 569 Followers Following 479 Done 1300 tweetsJudy Darnell: Started March 2009 372 Followers Follow 637 Done 1600 tweets 7. No Time? Got 10 minutes a day? 20 even better, but 5 is doable. We all read for work start by tweeting links to what you readshare informationEX: RT @Health_Affairs: Blog: Health Reform: The Individual Mandates Role And Medicaid Enrollment just add a few word comment:EX: Block granting #Medicaid is a terrible idea, especially for kids. via First FocusEX: Everybodys got an opinion about health ins exchanges. #aca #hcrUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org7 8. Share your Expertise See how your CA county fares in latest Human Development Report #income #health #educationUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org8 9. How to Manage Flow of Information Follow Bruce Lesley!, seriouslyFOLLOW BRUCE Organize who you follow into LISTS Make a daily/weekly plan (we are just starting this) But, dont stress if you dont do it religiously, just do something.9 10. Making it easy Use software and devices that make it fun and easySmart Phone DOWNLOAD TWITTER NOWTweetdeck, Hootsuite Social Media Dashboards And it actually helps you manage favorite mediaIve canceled subscriptions I check Twitter over breakfast, on breaks it can be your major news source. @ NYT, @ WASHINGTON POST, @HUFFINGTON POST,@FOXNEWS, @MOTHERJONES, @LATIMES.etcUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org10 11. Lists Assign those you follow to lists; check lists to find something to tweet about if you are busy Dont make too many lists Check out others lists Electeds; Advocacy Orgs for Health; Media;Example:!/list/JudyDarnell/health-advocates!/list/JudyDarnell/us-congress-members11 12. Advocating for Community ImpactWho I Follow on Twitter Expert organizations and staff Ex: CBPP or CBP Key Media outlets AND reportersEx: Washington Post Advocacy Organizations Ex: First Focus and Bruce Lesley Legislators at all levelsEx: @RepBecerra @SenatorBoxer Key Agencies involved with our issues Ex: @CMSgov, @usedgovUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org12 13. Advocating for Community ImpactWho to Follow on Twitter Local United Ways and UWWEx: @live_united, @Bay_Area_UW UW Staff Ex: @pmanzo, @JudyDarnell Board members / partners Ex: @RedCross @100percentCA FoundationsEx: @CalEndow @rwjf Key ConsultantsEx: @Kanter @FullCourtPressUnited Ways of California www.unitedwaysCA.org13 14. REMEMBER RETWEET YOUR FRIENDS! Like OWS - together we create a human sound system! Bank charges were overturned, Netflix changed its plansweshould be able to get all kids health coverage and care! Until you have a couple hundred followers, never do originaltweet without # or @United Ways of California 14 15. United Ways of CaliforniaJudy Darnell, MPPDirector of Public PolicyUnited Ways of Californiajdarnell@unitedwaysCA.orgwww.unitedwaysCA.org831.246.3099Twitter: @JudyDarnell@UnitedWaysCAFacebook: United Ways of California15