Charlie Talk - Measuring Jira & Confluence Usage

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TED-like talk by Jason Gumpert of PTC on how they measure JIRA and Confluence Usage.


<p>Measuring JIRA &amp; Confluence Usage</p> <p>Jason Gumpert of PTC</p> <p>Jira &amp; Confluence AdoptionPlanning rollout; Measuring progress Jason Gumpert, PTC Global Services</p> <p>Our Environment</p> <p>Hundreds of consulting projects around the worldGreat expertise but highly distributedConsultants working in many languagesConfluence is already a standard tool for structured knowledge managementJira is deployed on dozens of projects but has not yet been standardized.</p> <p>Our Challenge</p> <p>Enforce issue tracking best practicesEncourage knowledge sharingMeasure adoption &amp; usageDeploy new features and methods effectivelyExpand standard project usage profile</p> <p>Investigation</p> <p>Measure user contributions to the wikiMeasure Jira project activityDevelop effective training materialsDevelop effective rollout procedures</p> <p>Questions</p> <p>What do you measure in Confluence and Jira, and how to do you measure it? Recommended plugins, tools?What should you avoid measuring?What do you wish you could measure but dont know how?</p> <p>More questions</p> <p>What Jira rollout tactics work (or dont) for you?One project at a timeBig bang migration</p> <p>Advantages/disadvantages to multi-language knowledge management</p> <p>Plugins</p> <p>ConfluenceArchiving Plugin ( Plugin Confluence Contributors Plugin</p> <p>Other ideas</p> <p>Google AnalyticsApache/Tomcat reporting directly to avoid server load for reportsPlugins</p> <p>ConfluenceFxCommunity Equity</p> <p>Confluence Security Schema metrics</p> <p>Measureing JIRA confluence usageJira Confluence Adoption</p>


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