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C3 For Siberia

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These are the slides for a workshop on C3 scheduled for Dec. 3 in Barnaul, Siberia. For more on this topic, read my Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection:

Text of C3 For Siberia

  • 1.The Complete Community Connection
    Steve Buttry, Gazette Communications
    Press Development Institute-Siberia
    3December 2009
    [email protected]
    @stevebuttry on Twitter

2. Iowa & Siberia
Area: 145,744 square kilometers
Population: 3 million
Temperature: 9o
Terrain: rolling plains
Resources: corn, soybeans, hogs
Area: 13.1 million square kilometers
Population: 38 million
Temperature: -10o
Terrain: varied: plains & mountains
Resources: oil, gas, minerals
3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Gazette Communications
Community recovering from disaster
Gazette is 127 years old
54,000 daily circulation, 67,000 Sunday
KCRG, #1 TV station in market,
Several print, digital niche products
9. U.S. newspapers
Most revenue from advertising
Home delivery & street sales
Consolidation to one daily in most metro area
National papers: NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal
Consolidation of ownership
10. 2009: 12.9% of population buys newspaper
Graphic from The Digital Journalist, Circling the Drain, by Mark Loundy
11. Graphic from Reflections of a Newsosaur, Alan Mutter
12. We intend to charge for our news web sites. to increase our revenues from all our content.
13. 14. Newspaper Next
15. Disruption in telecommunications
16. 17. Create Once Publish Everywhere Player
NPR News iPhone app
Mobile web site
NPR Addict iPhone app
Public Radio Player
Minnesota Public Radio
NPR on iGoogle
18. 19. C3s new relationships
For the public: We will be their essential connection to community life news, information, commerce, social life. Like many Internet users turn first to Google, your community should turn first to C3, whatever the need.
20. C3s new relationships
For businesses: We will be their essential connection to customers, often making the sale and collecting the money.
21. Our current relationshipwith business customers
Huge expense line in budget
Lots of inefficiency
Ad rates dropping
Ad revenues dropping
Lots of digital competition
22. C3s digital marketplace
Move beyond advertising
Direct sales (tickets, reservations, gift registries, sports paraphernalia)
Lead generation & targeted ads
Sponsorships, memberships & events
Mobile ads & applications
Handle multiple needs (yes, competing ads)
23. The new relationshipwith business partners
Revenue line in budget (maybe still expense line, too)
Delivering high value, tailored to needs
One-stop shop for connecting with customers
24. Community Content
Local knowledge
25. Driving
How often do you buy a car?
How often do you drive, gas up, service car?
Databases, conversations, services focused on drivers everyday needs
26. 27. 28. Driving
How often do you buy a car?
How often do you drive, gas up, service car?
Databases, conversations, services focused on drivers everyday needs
Connect auto services with drivers (emergency repair services)
29. 30. 31. Personal content
Youth milestones
College life
Military service
Jobs, pets, holidays, food, interests, health
Empty nesters
32. 33. Personal news
Big news in small circles
Some we do as formula, some we ignore
Great opportunities
34. Entertainment
Traditional entertainment in digital form
Entertainment news
User-generated entertainment, events
35. Business services
Direct sales
Local search
Mobile applications
Communication & marketing services
36. Enriched news content
Whats happening now (Twitter, liveblogging, real-time video, traffic, scanners, live-streaming)
Community engagement in news, enterprise, sports coverage
Storytelling (narrative, multimedia)
Aggregation, curation
37. C3 at Gazette Communications
Reorganized to separate content, product
Developing new processes, tools to develop content independently from products
Hoping to launch C3 projects in 2010
Long way to go
Hoping to learn from your efforts
38. 39. Our mobile future and present

  • Projected 2009 worldwide cell-phone sales: 1 billion

40. 7.4 million iPhones sold last quarter (+7%) 41. More than 90,000 iPhone apps available 42. News orgs need mobile-first strategySources: GB Guide blog, Apple
43. Mobile-first strategy
Executives must emphasize mobile priority
Journalistsfocus on mobile news & info delivery & presentation
Tech staff focuses on mobile apps
Sales staff meets business customers mobile needs
44. Mobile-first strategy
Text messages
Easy-to-use mobile web sites
Location-based news & commercial info
45. Do we want to be the monks or Gutenberg?