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Siberia Stone Forests

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Page 1: Siberia Stone Forests

אחד מהאתרים עוצרי הנשימה והמרוחקים ביותר לתיירים הם "יערות האבן" המיוחדים שבקצה סיביר.

Page 2: Siberia Stone Forests

Many spend a lot just to get there and to take a look. This place is where the virgin Siberian woods stand untouched and

the only way to get there is to take a four day journey from Moscow city. First, you have to take a flight so long that if you flew opposite direction you could easily come to New York, so

far from Moscow that is, but that’s still Russia. The average price for such flight is around $800 by Russian airlines, and as you might guessed there are no foreign competitors on those routes. Then upon the arrival to Yakutia region, the land from

where the significant part of world’s diamonds production originate from. Then from there the only way to go to this place is by a boat. Armed native individuals can offer you a “cheap” $500 trip on a small boat, so in three days you can be on spot.

They can show you the fields of wild hemp flower around which, as some tourists say, often can be picked up by your

guide while you are exploring the stone forest, and then boiled together with some milk to meet you when you are back in

camp with some mind blowing mixture. And they are all armed there, those natives. Also you can take bit larger river boat that are run by some local companies and go with more comfort up

the river. Of course, then there are no armed natives or botanical exploration.

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