Broke Artists - A Thing of the Past (SXSW PanelPicker)

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<ol><li> 1. B R O K E M U S I C I A N S - A T H I N G O F T H E P A S T Chino Lex </li><li> 2. WHERE WE ARE S T R E A M I N G - R A D I O - M O N E Y ( O R L A C K T H E R E O F ) </li><li> 3. WHERE WE'RE GOING 1BuildingFoundations 2ImplementingDesign 3CreatingBrandAwareness </li><li> 4. EQUALS LOTS OF MUSIC LOTS OF ARTISTS </li><li> 5. NO DISCOVERY = NO MONEY discoveryiswhyradiohassomuchleverage. but... radiolistenershipisdecreasing! </li><li> 6. YOUR RADIO AUDIENCE HAS BEEN UNTRACKABLE. UNTIL NOW.. WE'RE GOING TO FILL THE GAP FOR ARTISTS. ALLEVIATING: 1expensivediscovery 2thedifficultyofdiscovery 3almostuselessradioplay: </li><li> 7. Get actionable insights on your sales. Something your label can't and won't give you. See which songs do the best, perhaps perform those more? THE SQUARE THINK OUTSIDE 1 2 3 4 fans LIKES 1500 75% 47% our platform gives you the freedom to split up royalties however you want between writers, producers, your grandma Get actionable insights on your social followings Analytics for artists Grow your engagement Split up royalties Communication </li><li> 8. 4.PEOPLEFIND OUTABOUT YOURDOPE MUSIC 1. UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC TO THE PLATFORM 2. IT GETS FED INTO THE TAPTRAX APP 3. IT GETS SUGGESTED TO YOUR FANS, AND FRIENDS OF YOUR FANS HOWITWORKS: </li><li> 9. $ for creators. we're doing the right thing, while the labels aren't. THE POINT. DISCOVERY = EFFECTIVE DIRECT DISTRIBUTION = </li></ol>