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  • Since 1968 elections have been won by the candidate who spent the most money.


    10 of the 12

  • In 2008 and 2012, most of President Obamas individual campaign contributions were driven through email. In 2012 he received just over 60 million votes. He had 30 million email addresses.


  • Based on their role in donation solicitation & advocacy, CRM & Email Marketing will play an enormous role in deciding who our next President is.

  • At Havas helia, we have already begun collecting CRM communications for every major party candidate and are analyzing them based on key factors for CRM success.

  • On March 1, 2016, just 10 days before SXSW, 12 states have their primary elections on what is called Super Tuesday. The lead up to these votes will result in over 1 billion emails sent on behalf of these candidates.

  • At SXSW we will share our thoughts around the state of the 2016 Presidential election, anchored by our analysis of thousands of emails leading up to Super Tuesday and their impact on the performance of the candidates. We will also share what makes great email strategy for politicians, marketers, and non-profits based on these highly targeted and successful campaigns.

  • Kyle J. Britt @kylejbritt Senior Digital Strategist CRM Subject Matter Expert Former Political Talk Show Host

    Michael Kinstlinger @MKinstlinger Email Marketing Manager Email Subject Matter Expert Former Corporate Executive Board Email Leader

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