Suffolk Bike Ride 2013

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Suffolk Bike Ride 2013


<ul><li> 1. The Suffolk Climate Change Partnership (SCCP) 2013 Bike Ride </li></ul> <p> 2. 12 set off, one bike down, one bike up again, rain, wind, sun, hills, lunch, some wishing they hadnt had quite so much lunch, powering on through the pain, elation, achievement, a bit more pain, and 12 returned, tired, wet, but happy! Over 1,200 was raised by our intrepid cyclists. 3. The first leg proved challenging as far as repairs went, one bike was not up to the challenge but it did provide Oli an opportunity to use his bicycle repair kit, which made him happy! Thanks Oli! 4. Coming in to the first stop at the Ship in Dunwich. The bike route enabled us to drop in at some of the local businesses that the SCCP has supported through the Suffolk Environmental Business Advisor Service 5. Tea and biscuits were provided at The Long Shop Museum, Leiston. Thank you! The mural we are standing in front of was a project we ran in 2012 with Duluxs 'Lets Colour' campaign and local artist Rebekah Tozer to create an exciting new mural in the courtyard garden that related to children and their artefacts. 6. We had a wonderful day cycling through the Suffolk countryside, braving the weather and visiting businesses that the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership has supported over the years. The World Land Trust does some fantastic work and we were delighted to be able to raise money for the Beni Savanna project in Bolivia. - Anna Martin (Groundwork Suffolk) 7. A feast was spread out for us at the Froize Inn in Chillesford. Delicious! Hearty soup, homemade rolls full of goodness, roast potatoes no less. Cyclists need carbs! Thanks so much, David! 8. Some of the team with David from the Froize Inn, Chillesford, our lunch stop. Halfway through! 9. It was a fantastic day. Full of English summer time weather. Sunshine, winds, cloud. Nothing dampened the spirits and in fact only enhanced the experience as we were grateful for the fantastic stops on the way. The best thing about it wasnt the countryside, teamwork or fitness, it is knowing that the money raised will be of use to the WLT in their important Bolivian conservation project. - Oliver Ingwall King (Groundwork Suffolk) Here comes the rain! One of the many rain clouds that made us appreciate the sun. 10. Milk stop at the Marybelle Dairy in Walpole. Another welcome break (after a great stop at the Sweffling White Horse) and just the home stretch left! 11. Well done to the guys who planned the route - although I could have done without a couple of the hills and the slight detour down the A12! It was good to see parts of the Suffolk countryside that I have never visited, and I will certainly be heading back to the Sweffling White Horse at some point soon! - Dan Bradbury (World Land Trust) 12. Triumphant! Well done team! All back safely to the World Land Trust Offices in Halesworth. 60 miles completed, 1 broken bike, a few broken bodies but no broken spirits! (There is already talk of next year) </p>