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This document is the official Boomer's Legacy Bike Ride Manual.It was composed from the lessons we have learned over the years while organising and orchestrating a 100+ person bicycle ride from Courtenay to Victoria, BC (214 km). The information contained inside is aimed at being helpful when organising a similar event in other areas.Find out more at:


<p>BOOMERS BIKE RIDE Set up Manual </p> <p> November 2012 Boomers Legacy Foundation 1417 Sabre Court Comox, BC V9M 2X2 250 890-7523 Charitable # 85075 8988 RR0001 </p> <p>This manual has been created to provide instructions and suggestions to assist you in hosting a successful Boomers Bike Ride Campaign in your area. It is a work in progress so please let us know what works and what doesnt. </p> <p>P a g e | 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction ...Page 2 Minimum Criteria.Page 3 Bike Ride Chairperson ....Page 6 Web Support ..Page 9 Public Relations .Page 10 Military Liaison...Page 12 Accommodations..Page 14 Ride Registration/Admin.Page 15 Bike Ride Marshall..Page 18 Transportation ..Page 20 RCMP/City Police Liaison...Page 22 Bike Ride Food CommitteePage 23 Sponsorship.Page 25 Treasurer..Page 26 Secretary..Page 27 End of Ride Committee..Page 28 Pre-Ride Ceremony..Page 31 Registration Night Committee..Page 32 November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 2 BOOMERS LEGACY NATIONWIDE BIKE RIDE Philosophy: Boomers Legacy exists to Help Our Soldiers Help Others. This concept has too many benefits to list in an exhaustive fashion, but the core benefits that Boomers Legacy aims to achieve are: Helping victims in war torn or impoverished locations. Enabling our troops to make a dramatic difference for those they are supporting, and protecting as well as greatly increasing their sense of mission and Canadian pride. Raising the image of our Canadian Forces personnel so that they are seen as caring humanists as well as courageous fighters. </p> <p>Boomers Legacy will operate under the same guiding values that have shaped our Armed Forces. As outlined in Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada*, our governing values are: Duty: First and foremost, duty entails service to Canada and compliance with the law. While serving our troops and the great humanity in the world, Boomers Legacy will act with dedication, initiative and discipline in the execution of fundraising operations. Loyalty: Those involved in Boomers Legacy must comport themselves with personal allegiance to Canada, and faithfulness to all other members of the organization. All volunteers must foster a mutual trust, especially as fundraising efforts become more widespread, both in terms of the scope of operations and geographic locations. Integrity: To have integrity is to have unconditional and steadfast commitment to a principled approach to meeting ones obligations while being responsible and accountable to ones actions. Accordingly, being a person of integrity calls for honesty, the avoidance of deception and adherence to high ethical standards. Courage: Courage entails willpower and the resolve not to quit. It enables us to make the right choices during difficult times. Boomers Legacy volunteers must have the courage to involve themselves in the activities of our deployed troops while assisting them with helping others in the most troubled locations on the planet, including places in Canada. These pillars form the philosophical values by which Boomers Legacy will operate. Any and all fundraising activities will ensure these values are upheld, and at all times, those donating funds to Boomers Legacy will be ensured that their contribution will be treated with respect. Using the funds in our grass roots style will have the important spin-off effect of: Supporting the morale of Canadian troops as they recognize that they can make a difference on a very personal level. Improving the perception of the Canadian Forces in the eyes of the national and international community so that they may recognize Canadian troops as caring individuals. </p> <p> *Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada, c. 2009 Her Majesty the Queen Right of Canada, Canadian Forces Leadership Institute November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 3 Each Boomers Ride Committee should carry a similar structure used by Boomers Legacy Headquarters </p> <p>Minimum criteria that any ride event must hold: A minimum of 100 kilometres must be travelled. (not required in a spinathon) Every fallen soldier must be represented (picture and short biography) on the bicycles and all cyclists are to wear Boomers jerseys, or t-shirts in a Spinathon. Every rider must raise a certain amount of donations, apart from their registration fee (this amount is to be determined based on the specific details of the ride and to be determined by the local committee in conjunction with HQ Comox). </p> <p>Provided these are met, Boomers Legacy will provide support to the local organizer of the ride. All proceeds from registration fees, as well as all funds raised by the riders and sponsors go directly to Boomers Legacy. We recommend the following: Element #1: Organization Ensure that each Sub-Committee has their volunteers set up in a manner most fitting for the tasks required and for the well-being of the volunteer. The Committee Head should ensure that every volunteer is suited to their individual task and responsibility. Element #2: Responsibilities Every member must have a specific purpose, they must know what that purpose is, and they must be held accountable for carrying out tasks that drive towards their purpose. Leaders often feel unable to hold volunteer effort accountable, but this mindset is a detriment to organizations. Volunteers must understand that if their duties go unfulfilled, a tangible and material impact is felt throughout the organization. At regular Committee meetings, when developing tasks that need to be done, the minutes should identify, by name, who is responsible for ensuring a specific action is complete, and a date indicating the completion of the action. All volunteers must be encouraged to identify when they will not be able to meet target milestones. This is vital inform their Sub Committee Chair who will then inform the Ride Chair of the information and if a new action plan needs to be formulated. This must be noted in ADDENDDEUM TO MINUTES and passed on to HQ Comox. Accountability at Boomers Legacy means that everyone understands what they need to do, and when resource limitations do not allow for that task to be done as planned, the team is informed immediately so the plan can be adjusted. </p> <p>November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 4 Committee Heads need to promote a culture of open and active communication where achievement and information sharing are encouraged. Element #3: Data From press releases to meeting minutes to the records that detail where the Boomers Ride Committee spent raised fund, it is critical that data integrity, security, redundancy and transparency is maintained. This data needs to be organized and managed in such a way that promotes the interaction of the volunteers. The Core Committee at Headquarters Comox will decide how data should be shared example: computer file sharing programs. Boomers Legacy is accountable for security of information. Currently HQ Comox uses Google Drive as well as Dropbox for secure sharing of information among the various committees. Element #4: Processes This manual will provide processes that have been repeated at Boomers Ride BC throughout their history. Each city/region should continue to keep a historical log that includes items that fit their area more uniquely. This will enable anyone taking over the task of running a Boomers Ride in their area the ability to tailor the event for their region. Of course HQ will need to approve any change that could weaken the core philosophy. With the nature of volunteer effort and availability, it is critical for Boomers Legacy to have redundancy built into its operations so that the organization can still function with limited experienced staffers/volunteers on hand. Element #5: Resources We define this as our volunteers and our equipment required Human and Material Resources. Volunteer morale and welfare are critical drivers of success when running an event such as a Boomers Ride. Bike Ride Chairpersons must ensure that the right fit is made for the sake of the volunteer as well as the successful outcome of Boomers Ride. As for Material Resources- we wish to promote maximum visibility of Boomers Legacy volunteers during the event. This includes the use of T-shirts, printed material, banners and other signage. Each city must keep a good inventory control system to ensure the appropriate items are available for the event. Any procurement of new items must be governed by HQ to ensure budget tracking, as well as our following necessary transparency rules ( being a Charitable Organization). November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 5 Element #6: Public Awareness Customer, or donor satisfaction, is paramount for the success of any charitable organization such as Boomers Legacy. Donor contentment and goodwill is primarily affected by the donors knowledge of the impact Boomers Legacy has on the global community. Not only does the current customer satisfaction depend on public awareness, but the generation of new donors depends greatly on public awareness. We can see this element is critical to the success of a Boomers Ride. Every opportunity for media exposure should be seriously considered, especially when a Boomers Ride event triggers such exposure. A database of media contacts should be maintained for your area. The message passed to potential and current donors should be entirely based on the results and impact achieved by Canadian military members who have used funds from Boomers Trust. A clearly quantifiable and tangible message must be passed to build a relationship between Boomers Legacy and the donating public. Messages should not be geared towards winning a donors wallet; it needs to be geared towards winning their heart (the wallet will then follow). </p> <p> Element #7: Transparency There is a requirement for financial transparency that stems from Boomers Legacys ability to generate tax receipts for donors. CRA auditing occurs on Boomers Legacy filings, and transparency is a necessity. Not only do government authorities require transparency of operations, expenditures and revenues, but donors will want to be assured that their money is reaching to the benefactor with operational costs minimized. The Core Committee at Comox HQ will be in control of this and there will be instructions on what information should be sent out to the public through media releases, routine newsletters, and through the Boomers Legacy website and other social media outlets. The volunteer responsible for PR &amp; Communications must ensure that the proper information is sent out to the public, as well as ensuring that the proper internal communications records are kept (example minutes of meetings). The individual responsible for any finances for your Ride Event must ensure that accounting records are sent to HQ Comox in a timely fashion. </p> <p>November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 6 </p> <p>POSITION DESCRIPTION: BOOMERS BIKE RIDE CHAIR RESPONSIBLE TO BOOMERS LEGACY CORE COMMITTEE 1. Responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of the Boomers Bike Ride held in their area. This is a fund raising and awareness event. Set agendas call meetings. 2. Establishing a working committee which consists of individuals responsible for the following positions: Secretary, Registration, Transportation, Military Liaison, Treasurer, Food, Sponsorship, Public Relations, RCMP/Police Liaison, Ride Marshall, Community Liaison, End of Ride &amp; Pre Ride and Website Liaison. 3. Ensure minutes are distributed throughout your committee and sent to 4. Provide a central point of contact for all questions relating to the Bike Ride. 5. Liaise with outside agencies and /or persons for necessary input Bike Ride planning effort. 6. Complete (or delegate to Transport Chair) and submit necessary Ministry of Transport forms. 7. Monitor the activities of committee members and supervise the detailed execution of the Bike Ride plan. 8. Coordinate or designate someone to organize group training rides. 9. With prior approval from Core Committee HQ, adjust and refine the Bike Ride Plan as necessary. 10. Provide updates to the Core Committee on the progress of the Bike Ride planning effort. 11. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the working plan and the available resources. 12. Evaluate and direct changes in priorities as directed and/or approved by the Core Committee. 13. Ensure communication among committee members. 14. Always set a positive role for the volunteers among the committee. 15. Be ready to take on any tasks to assist the sub committees in the completion of their tasks if required for the good of the event. 16. Look for a Personal trainer who will volunteer to answer questions posed by beginning riders about training for your bike ride. November 2012 </p> <p>P a g e | 7 </p> <p>BIKE RIDE COMMITTEE/CHAIRPERSON CALENDAR: 7 MONTHS PRIOR: Decide where/how the Pre-Ride Ceremony will be done and appoint a Chair to oversee. Prepare a budget for HQ Comox to approve, include with monthly report to Comox . Present all the information to the Website Committee to ensure they are able to create all the necessary registration programs etc. </p> <p>6 MONTHS PRIOR: Prepare correspondence to CF Authorities. Prepare CF Provision of Service Request. Schedule and hold Monthly meeting of Bike Ride Committee Ensure all committees are on task find them assistance if not. Have minutes of meeting completed and sent out. Send report to HQ Comox. Has a calendar of group training rides been set up and sent out to riders? </p> <p>5 MONTHS PRIOR: Work with Sponsorship chair and prepare correspondence to Sponsors. Complete any sponsor forms. Schedule, notify members and hold Monthly meeting of Bike Ride Committee Ensure all committees are on task find them assistance if required. Have minutes of meeting completed and sent out. Send report to HQ Comox. </p> <p>4 MONTHS PRIOR: Schedule and hold Monthly meeting of Bike Ride Committee. At meeting if any committee is not up to date on tasks find a solution for them with the assistance of other members of the Bike Ride Committee. Ha...</p>