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  • Custom Chrome Europe GmbHCarl-von-Ossietzky-Strae 8D-55459 GrolsheimPhone: +49 (0) 6721 - 4 007 - 0Fax: +49 (0) 6721 - 4 007 - 100e-mail: info@customchrome.deWebsites: www.Custom-Chrome-Europe.com

    SATURDAY, SepTembeR 6Th, 2014ARneiTz 100 ShoWmeile - ARneiTz CUSTom ShoW

    CUSTom ChRome eURope

    RiDe-in bikeShoWFAAkeR See


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    RiDe-in bike ShoWFAAkeR See

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    ChAmpionShip ClASS: loWRiDeR bY FlYpApeR CUSTomS

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    There is little doubt that European Bike Week 2014 will be remembered for some of the worst weather conditions the event had to experience for quite some times in its 17 years history! And there really were some heavy weather events! Following a warm start on the first weekend, the weather turned rainy for most of the week, leaving a lot of event sites around the lake in dire need for parking space, most of which has never been opened for use due to the down

    TOP: 3rd Place in the Championship class for Barce-lona-based Lobo 3 by Lobomotive, a sophisticated Hi-Tech carbon Dragstyle bike.

    BIG IMAGE: Championship Class Winner premiered at the CCE Show. Built in the USA by Flypaper Customs the bike has two 30-Inch wheels TOP: Again top place for AT American Cycles Stage III supercharged Sho-velhead with extensive handcrafted stainless steel parts by Aykut Tartaroglu

    poor from above. Arneitz Custom Show ha-ving invested quite considerable sums into drainage and the new event hall, was pretty much the only water-proof event site around the lake where events and concerts were per-formed according to plan. So despite the miserable weather forecasts, the Custom Chrome Europe Team was sure to grant its competitors a Bike Show with dry feet. Spicing up the competition with a 115 Cu-

    bic Inch RevTech engine, 3 times 1000,00 EUR CCE Merchandise Credit and additional Show sponsoring by S&S Cycles and MOTOR BIKE EXPO VERONA, the expectations for a number of high class entries were not disappointed: All classes saw true competition for the trophies and the judges had a tough time to select their favorite motorcycles from the unique selection which in part was only on display at this event and no other bike show around the lake ...

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    moDiFieD hARleY ClASS: ViRUS bY nAUmAnn & Co

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    The mission of the Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show Series has never changed: To promote and support custombike building in all forms and for all motorcy-cles! The spirit and enthusiasm of custombike buil-ders from all over the world and the staff of Custom Chrome Europe has been a driving force behind the show, that has become the bike show with the highest prize money of European Bike Week for some time already. Arneitz Campground, which later became the Arneitz Custom Show, has been the stage for the show ever since and the 12th edition underlined the

    TOP: Third place for V-Rod Specialist No Limit Cu-stoms and their extremely modified Harley-David-son V-Rod.

    Virus by 2012 Championship Class winner Michael Naumann underlined the capabilities of the North Ger-man customizer to create unique street-legal custombikes from stock frame and engine base. TOP: Second place for Softail Custom by Helmuth Nightingale from Haar/Germany.

    importance of the event for both customizers and vi-sitors. And thanks to the Arneitz Show hosts, it is the only weather proof location for a bike show around the lake. Not the best choice when the sun is out glea-ming in the paintjobs, but a save haven in times of se-vere weather like the one experienced in 2014. CCEs ride-in bike show serves as a Premiere stage for many hot bikes that have been built during the sum-mer months, customizers eager to show their latest creations and craftsmanship, privateers often cat-ching the eye with unique creations. Dirt is not a topic

    in the judgment, as we all know that bikes whichh are ridden in Faak may get dirty. Which was the case as early as Monday and Tuesday, normally traditionally riding days for taking out the CCE Bolt On and Ride Custom bikes for touring Carinthia. Not so in 2014: Promotion for the Bike Show took place all week as owners of extraordinary custom and stock were invi-ted to participate at the bike show on Saturday which marks one of the weeks highlights. When the gates opened at noon, already an extra-ordinary number of classic stock bikes rolled into the

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    ReVTeCh peRFoRmAnCe: 199RRS bY ASSo SpeCiAl bikeS

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    BIG IMAGE & BOTTOM RIGHT: Carlo Colombo of Asso Special Bikes celebrates his win in the RevTech Per-formance class again! His aluminum-made frame achieves a 199 kg weight for the V-Twin powered streetbike that features ASB wheels and bodywork. Several units have already been produced following the introduc-tion at the 2011 VERONA BIKE EXPO this is the latest version with ASB fork and RevTech engine. TOP: Seeeye by 13 Manufacture/Germany took 2nd place for extreme Street Dragster style. RIGHT TOP & MIDDLE: 3rd place for Black Pearl by Bobber Garage of Vaduz/Lichtenstein. RIGHT BOTTOM: This years RevTech class attracted entries of all styles: This Dragstyle beauty Ronin was created by Black Steel Choppers. RevTech powered customs also performed in the Championship class!Jammer Old School class: A rare Benelli Six Caf Ra-cer, AWO Chopper and two stunning Indian Four of the late Twenties accompanied by the original Chief Big Twin made real eye-catchers of the show. Some scored high in the points, but it was up to the custo-mized Harley-powered Old School customs to get the

    trophies and the 1.000 Euro Merchandise Cheque that went to Nauman & Co for yet another great Old School themed Custom. The Kuwait Riders have been to Faak with their bikes several times and for 2014, they have brought over a considerable number of handcrafted one-off motor-

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    JAmmeR olD SChool: ViVA lA ViDA bY nAUmAnn & Co

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    TOP: 3rd place for this ridable Superleggera Sho-velhead Caf Racer which the CCE Team invited at their local Pizzeria (!) to the Bike Show. What looks like a half wrecked Knuckle is the latest custombike by Roman Bus from Czech Republic.

    BIG IMAGE: Old School has been a major style in recent years and the massive line-up of Old-School custo-mbikes and original stock classics would have deserved more trophies or at least some special awards! Best Jammer Old School went to Viva la Vida of Michael Lorenz, built by Naumann & Co, followed by the Middle East Build-Off winner Dominatrix by Chopper Culture from Dubai. The race was a close one as quality of the bikes exhibited was outstanding!

    cycles, targeting the top positions of the bike shows in Faak. The radical Kuwait-Choppers built hubless lowrider, the bodywork covering a stock Road King frame and a supercharged Twin Cam engine, started the concours dElegance by winning Best of Show at the first ever Area 1 bike show, followed by the un-covering of the second Bagger styled stretched Lowrider that won them the trophy at the re-located Harley-Davidson ride-in show which had to move from

    the again wet parking lot in the center of the Harley-Village. The Bagger and the third Kuwait bike were commissioned to Virginia-based Flypaper Customs, a contractor for all types of restauration/customizing work, ranging from bikes to boats and the two projects were literally handcrafted from almost nothing in six month top secret work to be shipped to Faak to be uncovered and compete. Since the small hidden lug-gage compartments in the rear bodywork allowed the

    bike to compete in the Bagger class, it was up to the Hubless Tough Luck and the spectacular twin 30-In-cher Pan to compete for the Championship class top price: A 6.000,-- RevTech 115 Cubic Inch motor. That this would not be a walk through, was assured by stiff competition in this class, that has always been the state of the art category of the Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series: AT American Cycles Stage III, ASBs Aluminum-Carbon 199 RS, Bobber

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    beST ChoppeR: hAbeRmAnn ChoppeR bY omAR nieRo

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    BIG IMAGE: Are Choppers dying out? While there is certainly a lack in seeing the massive numbers of Choppers which were built and ridden in recent years around Lake Faak, the Choppers are still there. There is no fun of riding a Chopper in the rain, so only the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Show saw a number of long-for-ked entries, representing past, present and future of the Chopper style. First place went to the present hi-tech, low riding radical chopper style represented by the unique rolling chassis artworks of Habermann Performance, this one completed by Omar Niero from Italy. Both Future and Past also came from Italy with Garage 65s Space Invaders offering a complete new twist on the style, first introduced at Motor Bike Expo at Verona. Carlo Colombo presented a very exact replica of the classic Captain America Chopper from the movie Easy Rider that won him 3rd place.

    Garages Build-Off bike and Lobo 3 by Barcelona-based Lobomotive were hot on the heels of the bikes from 1001 nights and a team that knew how to party! 2nd and 3rd places received invitations for the 2015 MOTOR BIKE EXPO SHOW at Verona, all Hotel costs paid. No doubt, if they bring their bikes, they will alrea-dy be nominated for the 2015 MBE Bike Show! DHL Global Forwarding serves as long-term sponso-

    ring and presentation partner, this year additionally joi-ned by Kryakyn Customparts who also exhibited near the bikeshow and is also represented by a complete promotion bike of this years CCE Bolt On and Ride range! S&S Cycles, represented at the CCE booth by Product Development Manager Scott Sjovall handed over a special S&S Cycles award that went to Modi-fied Harley winner Virus by Naumann & Co.

    The judges have never had an easy job at any Cu-stom Chrome Europe Bike Show Series event, but this year, prominent customizers joined in to judge the motorcycles and check out the event from the other side. Last years Modified Harley Winner One Way Machine joined the Jury this year to check out the procedure. Contrary to the dwindling number of visi-tors and a lot of riders that escaped the weather condi-

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    beST bAggeR: The pRooF bY FlYpApeR CUSTomS

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    BIG IMAGE: Virginia based Flypaper Customs was commissioned two Top Secret projects for the Kuwait Riders which they intended to present in Faak 2014. The Bagger type Aluminum body lowrider won the Harley-Davidson Ride-In Show and the Bagger class at the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Show. The first Bagger-style V-Rod by NLC also received a great attention at the 2014 bikeshows and won numerous awards. TOP RIGHT: 3rd place for Second Life by JB Motor-cycles with heavy airbrush artwork.

    tions early, more than 50 bikes participated. As every year, the registration fee for the entering bikes will be donated for a good cause, this time to kids affected by cancer (Frderverein fr krebskranke Kinder e.V. in Kln). We see the shows as a great support for the scene and custombike-builders to present their work, meet and talk to the best builders and give the press the opportunity to get in touch with the customizers and the owners of the bikes, says Custom Chrome Europe Marketing Manager Axel Scherer, the shows

    are held to promote custombike building in general, but the way we handle things certainly reflects posi-tively on our business. We always re-think how we can improve our shows and add more value for the partici-pants of our bike shows, says Scherer. We will conti-nue our efforts at the 2014 Intermot where we will give away another RevTech Engine to the best RevTech equipped motorcycle. Following the opening of the new Grolsheim Custom Chrome Europe warehouse, CCE again underlined its position as European mar-

    ket leader in high-class custom motorcycle parts the Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series will continue at the 2015 BIKE EXPO VERONA and other yet to be dated events. The show will go on...

    Text & Fotos: Horst Roesler

    Special thanks - as usual - to the high-class panel of judges which are the ones that make this event possible!www.custom-chrome-europe.comwww.customchrome.com

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    beST SpoRTSTeR-engine: bigFooT bY RiCkS moToRCYCleS

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com

    BIG IMAGE: Best Sportster-Engine went to Ricks Harley-Davidson Baden-Baden for the brand-new Big-foot Sportster Forty Eight, modified with Ricks Wheels and other Accessories from the Baden-Baden based Harley-Davidson dealer who celebrates 20 Years of producing custom parts in 2014. 2nd place in Sportster Engine class was won by Pink Lady by Pride Custom of Neuenhagen/Germany. Lady rider Dana Irgang had no problem with the weather around Lake Faak. TOP RIGHT: Radical 3rd place in Sportster Engine in Dragstyle fashion was Adrywalztea by El Latas from Barcelona/ Spain.

    Next sheduled event of the Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series will be INTERMOT 2014, where the BEST REVTECH ENGINED bike will be selected from all motorcycles exhibited at the show! Then again, MOTOR BIKE EXPO VERONA, held January ??th - ??th 2015 in Verona Italy. Bikes will be nominated from all bikes exhibited and judged by a professional jury. Builder and visitor information will be available at www.custom-chrome-europe.com

    CUSTom ChRome eURope 2014/2015 ShoW DATeS!

  • CUSTom ChRome eURope - RiDe-in bike ShoW FAAk - ShoW RepoRT 2014

    The Kuwait Riders took home two trophies of the Custom Chrome Europe

    Ride-In Bike Show with bikes built by Virginia-based Flypaper Customs and no

    limits to style and ridebility. They took home to Kuwait the 115 Cubic Inch RevTech motor, no doubt to bring

    it back next year in a new stunning Custombike.

  • WWW.CUSTom-ChRome-eURope.Com


    CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE Faaker See Championship 2014 - RESULTSChampionship Class1 30 Panhead by Yosef Al-Salem, Kuwait City/Kuwait (2 x 30 Inch wheel front and rear!)2 Stage III by AT American Cycles, Neuffen/ Germany3 Lobo 3 by Lobomotive, Barcelona/Spain

    Modified Harley Class1 Virus by Olli Schulze/Naumann & Co, Frechen/Germany 2 Softail Custom by Helmuth Nightingale; Haar/Germany3 Luxury by NLC, Hffenhardt/Germany

    RevTech Performance Class1 199 RRS by ASB - Asso Special Bike, Carlo Colombo, Italy Bosisio Parini/Italy2 Seeeye by 13 Manufacture/Germany3 Black Pearl by Bobber Garage, Vaduz/Lichtenstein

    Jammer Old School Class1 Viva La Vida by Michael Lorenz/Naumann & Co Selb/Germany2 Dominatrix by Chopper Culture, Dubai/Dubai3 Superleggera by Alessandro Rigon, Manerba del Garda/Italy

    Chopper1 --- by Omar Niero/Haberma...