We Are Social's Old Navy: Influencing on Vine

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Text of We Are Social's Old Navy: Influencing on Vine

  • Old Navy: Influencing on Vine

  • Flip flops. Not very sexy, right?

  • But Old Navy wanted its annual flip flop sale to be cool, creative and fun,

    Reaching a younger audience

  • It decided that it was time to show its sense of humor, with a campaign that utilized

    the most hilarious online comedy influencers around

  • Our dream team:

    They had the right brand synergy, appeal and reach

    David Lopez Location: Oceanside, CA

    Followers: 3.2 MM

    Sara Hopkins Location: Wilmington, NC

    Followers: 294K+

    Jessica Hansen Location: TX

    Followers: 374K+

  • We worked with each influencer to create three original Vines,

    which went live just before the annual sale

  • Each influencer followed up with content to drive awareness, focused around the product

  • In the days leading up to the sale, a new Vine was published each day, leveraging our

    influencers credibility and driving engagement

  • The Vines were shared to Twitter, spreading reach even further

  • We saw an overwhelmingly positive response

  • The Vines received 670,000+ impressions on Twitter, and Old Navy picked up

    2,100+ new Vine followers

  • In three days, we saw over 60,000 total engagements. at a total cost of just $0.49 each.

    Exceeding our original goal by 213%!

  • Thats what we call sexy