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  • Central de generacin Transporte Puntos de consumo

    A major technological change is currently taking place in the area of power

    networks, as they develop towards a very different concept in terms of functionality and characteristics

    Active power demand management

    Informed and proactive consumers working to improve

    efficiency (prosumer)

    Integration of renewable energy sources (distributed generation)

    Grid-integration of new elements (storage systems,

    electric vehicle, etc.)

    Trends and changes that are driving the transformation of power grids

    Automation of power distribution (renovation of grid assets)

    Centralised grid

    Environmental targets: reduction in GHG emissions, consumption

    (20-20-20) . . .

    Decentralised and complex grid

    In response to these trends and demands, traditional power networks are evolving

    towards the new concept of smart grids, incorporating electrical and electronic

    technologies and information and communications systems

    The power grid of the 21st-century The power grid ofthe 20th-century

    Towards the power grids of the future

  • New equipment, systems and functions are making it possible to optimise management of the power grid, improve supply quality andprovide new services and information to electricity consumers

    through the concept of Smart grids

  • 13.991M




    One of the primary strengths of the Basque Energy Cluster is itsexperience and capacities in the field of power grids (power

    transmission and distribution networks)

    Operations figures for Basque companies working in this field clearlydemonstrate their level of domestic and international


    Basque Country: competitiveness hub in power networks. . .






    on R&D


    in R&D



    Source: Panorama del Clster de Energa del Pas Vasco 2011, EVE/Cluster de Energa

    T&D in the Basque Country, 2011 figures

  • presencia internacional de las empresas vascas de T&D

    Total 224 implantaciones


    with a strong international presence

    Basque power network companies operate extensively at an international level, with

    production, services and commercial centres in both developed and emerging markets

    North America Europe

    Asia Pacific

    South America


    * Only includes production and commercial operations of companies with head office in the Basque Country

    Countries in which Basque power network companies operate

  • Smart grids consist of products and systems

    Smart grids include

    industrial equipment and

    electronic systems at all grid levels to

    provide advanced functions.

  • that interact in a complex value chain with a wide presence of Basque companies in all segments

    Design and engineering services

    Installation and maintenance

    Grid operators

    Operating systems and applications

    High and mediumvoltage equipment


    Power electronicsand storage

    Protection, automation, monitoring and communications equipment

    Test and certification of electronic equipment

    Knowledge / R&D agents innetwork technology

    Measuring equipment (smart meters)

  • Showroom Bidelek Sareak

    Bidelek Sareak: actual Smart grids project





    Bidelek Sareak is a joint initiative of the Basque Government (through EVE) and Iberdrola Distribucin Elctrica. Its aim is to comprehensively renovate the electricity grid in the metropolitan area of Bilbao

    It has required an investment of 60M in smart grids systems with the following scope:More than 250,000 digital metersIntroduction of different automation levels in 1,200 secondary substations and 3 HV substationsIntegration of distributed generation plants and electric-vehicle charging stations

    It has had a major business-inducing effect among equipment and systems suppliers in the Energy Cluster, offering them a opportunity to develop and test their smart-grid product range, technologies and services portfolio in a real-life application

    A real project with complete smart-grid functions, developed In the Basque Country, outstanding on the international stage for its size, scope, technical and innovation challenges and public-private collaboration

    Needs a high level of quality and performance in products and systems, requiring suppliers to have capacity for development and innovation

    European reference point in smart-grid roll-out

    Covers all levels of the smart grid: meters, transformer centres, substations and management centre across the full range of voltages

    Based on collaboration between Iberdrola, Ente Vasco de la Energa and other suppliers from the value chain (Basque Energy Cluster)

    Auditorium of the Bidelek Sareak showroomat Tecnalia's facilities in Zamudio

    Equipment on display in the showroom

    Located in Tecnalia, it showcases technological

    equipment and innovation utilised in the


  • for consumers

    Overall reduction in power consumption

    Reduction in carbon emissions

    Job creation

    Generation of tax revenue

    Reduction in consumption and electricity bills

    Greater consumption information and management capacity

    Improvement in quality and reliability of the power supply

    Comfort and access to new services

    for society

    for the industrial fabric

    Improvement in competitiveness of manufacturers and service providers:

    Boost to R&D activitiesBenchmark demonstration projectImage of competitiveness in international markets

    Attracting new investments

    for power companies

    Reduction in operating costsReduction in Average Interruption Time Reduced technical losses in the gridFraud detection

    Optimisation of investments: greater availability of network assets through improvements in monitoring, management and maintenance

    3.8m annual saving in the Basque

    energy bill

    possible 25% cut in CO2 emissions

    thanks to smart grids

    Improvement in supply quality with 60% reduction in

    Average Interruption Time

    40% reduction in number of incidents

    20% reduction in cost of field operations

    10% reduction in grid losses"

    that creates advantages and benefits at all levels

    16% reduction in duration of incidents"

    16% increase in profits through

    improvements in efficiency and


    26% increase in suppliers' turnover

    by 2018 (extra 24m)18% increase in

    companies' R&D activities by 2018

    (extra 2.8m)

    212 direct jobs created (nearly 900 taking into account indirect and spin-off


    14m in tax revenue on

    increased business






    Infrastructures and services for integration of smart metering in responsible and efficient consumption management

    Automated supervision of LV power network

    Li-ion storage for advanced applications

    Large-scale power storage systems for the power grid

    Companies, technology centres and universities in the Energy Cluster have a long history of collaboration, jointly taking on large R&D projects around products and systems

    for smart grids

    Promoted by the Basque Government and Ente Vasco de la Energa (EVE), Energibasque defines

    the strategy and mechanisms of support for harnessing and promoting existing capacities in

    the energy industry

    ENERGIBASQUE The Basque Technological and Industrial Development Energy Strategy

    Energy is one of the priorities identified by the Basque Governments Regional Innovation

    Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3)

    Companies develop high tech products through R&D projects in collaboration

    Development of infrastructures and energy management systems

    associated with electric vehicles

  • The work of developing equipment and systems for power networks is backed by the availability of top-level infrastructures for product experimentation,

    testing and certification

    High power & smart grid laboratory

    Ultra-high voltage laboratory

    Power electronics and control laboratory

    INGRID laboratory

    Smart grid laboratory

    Battery assembly and testing laboratory

    Storage device research and testing centre

    and have powerful infrastructures for testing and certifying equipment

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