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Basque Country

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  • 1. Basque CountryPas Vasco(Spanish)Euskadi(Basque)

2. 3. 4. AutonomousCommunity
The Basque Country borders with Cantabria and the Burgos Provinceto the west, the Bay of Biscay to the north, Franceand Navarreto the east and La Rioja to the south.
lava(BasqueAraba), capital Vitoria Gasteiz.
Biscay(SpanishVizcaya, BasqueBizkaia), capital Bilbao.
Gipuzkoa(SpanishGuipzcoa), capitalDonosti-San Sebastian
5. 6. Demography: 2,155,546
28.2% of the Basque population born outside this region.
Over the 20th century most of this immigration came from other parts of Spain, typically from Galicia or Castile-Leon.
Languages: Spanish andBasque.
Economy: the strongest industrial sectors of the Basque Country's economy are Machine tool, present in the valleys of Biscay and Gipuzkoa, aeronauticsin Vitoria-Gasteiz and energy in Bilbao.
7. Transport: Eusko Tran(Basque Train) is the Basque Government owned narrow gaugerail company that operates commuter services in Bilbao and San Sebastin, intercity Bilbao-San Sebastin service, andEusko Trantram services in Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Metro Bilbao is the company that operates the twometrolines that serve Greater Bilbao.
Airports, Seaports
8. Bilbao
9. Dolmen Sorginetxe en Salvatierra (lava)
10. Basque Cuisineis an important part ofBasque Culture
According to the chef FerranAdri, San Sebastin"in terms of the average quality of the food, in terms of what you can get at any place you happen to walk into, maybe it is - probably it is, yes - the best in the world.
The most popular dishes there are the seafood, fish (for example Marmitako) and the Pintxos, bar finger food.
11. Marmitako
12. Txacol
13. Basque Country
Ifyouwantcity : Bilbao
San Sebastianis Beach

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