2014 Customer Service Trends

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Customer Service Trends - changes in the market, technology and expectations.

Text of 2014 Customer Service Trends

  • 2014 Customer Service Trends By Crystal Taggart, MBA CEO and Founder, TrainAsYouGo.com
  • The Support Evolution The customer is always right Directing the customer to the right person to solve their issue Social Media Customer Service integration Customer Self Service creates a service desk of product advocates A Customer Service Continuum
  • Changes in the Market Increased Competition and Reduced Switching Costs Increased visibility due to social media support Changes in customer expectations for consistent service across support channels Changes in technology platforms Paradigm shifts in support organizations from customer support to product advocates
  • Changes in Organizations Remote workers eLearning Strategies Self-Service Strategies New Support Channels
  • Changes in eLearning Simple information delivered asynchronously Multiple media formats for different learning styles Anticipating questions
  • Customer Self-Service Solutions Most companies are doing it wrong (70% of CSS solutions do not meet expectations) Lack of integrated tools in the eLearning market Training and Service should be combined for effective results
  • A Service Evolution and Revolution Create fans by making it easy Support multiple types of training for multiple learning styles Give customers easy ways to find information and communicate Provide information when users need it most
  • Solutions Simplify training to make it fast and easy Simplify Identify easy ways to communicate to your customers Communication Create ways that your customers can interact Interact Turn customer support into customer advocates Evolve
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