Customer Experience Trends 2011

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The following trends will discuss 2011, and how brands and customers will interact with each other through static, interactive, and human touch points. It looks particularly at the crossing of online - offline, focusing on what makes a customer experience shareable & remarkable.


  • 1. Customer ExperienceTop 10 trends in 2011@erikposthuma Experience Engineer
  • 2. 2010 was a great year for customer experience. Companies reclassified CE initiatives as investments as they saw improvements on key value driving KPIs and clearer ROI. The growth of social media increased the need for focused brand values and clear communication. 2011 will have companies build on many of these elements while exploring some newer channels more in depth. The following trends will discuss 2011, and how brands and customers will interact with each other through static, interactive, and human touch points. It looks particularly at the crossing of online - offline, focusing on what makes a customer experience shareable & remarkable.@erikposthuma Experience Engineer
  • 3. Digital goes physical1/10
  • 4. 1/10 Digital goes physical More than half the people in the world use a mobile phone. And with mobile web users to surpass desktop users by 2014 brands will quickly adopt mobile as a preferred channel to engage consumers. Long popular in Japan QR codes are seeing an emergence in the rest of the world. Google Goggles and Microsofts tag effectively signal the mass adaptation of 2D barcodes, and on the go image recognition, linking the digital world to physical cues. This combined with the rise of location and mobile payment services set the frame for a growth in digital+physical experiences.
  • 5. Integrate social media2/10
  • 6. 2/10 Integrate social media 2010, brands looked at social media and explored with pilot programs. For most companies ROI was minimal despite of positive engagement KPIs. In 2011 brands will take a step back to evaluate and realize that their social media channels need closer integration with their marketing and customer experience strategy. Instead of seeing social media as a separate channel it will be distributed and assimilated into all of the companies departments, linking its power to engage customers to clear call to action and sales.
  • 7. Love all data3/10
  • 8. 3/10 Love all data Numbers are universal, in 2010 companies loved data, but mostly structured data. Customers comment on blogs, customers interact with brands by sending pictures and videos. Customers call companies and have 20 minute conversations, in many different languages. Customers talk to staff in stores. Many different channels, many different formats. In 2011 companies will invest in understanding this data.
  • 9. Dashboard data4/10
  • 10. 4/10 Dashboard data The last few years have seen a meteoric rise in real time data. Humanity has produced more data in the last 10 years than in all the years before that. Data is moving so fast there is no time to analyse it. In 2011 companies will invest heavily in centralizing data through dashboards. Dashboards will collect data from all channels and translate information into understandable, visual formats. Brands will use this data, not (only) for yearly campaigns, but continuously.
  • 11. Trust and co-create with employees5/10
  • 12. 5/10 Trust and co-create with employees In 2011, successful companies will continue to transfer decision making power down the line. All the way to customer touch points. Companies will focus on hiring great people that have the same ideals. Rules will be removed and companies will trust their employees to do the right thing. Front line employees will become a key information channel, and will help in co-creating services, products, and solutions for their customers.
  • 13. Trust and co-create with customers6/10
  • 14. 6/10 Trust and co-create with customers 2010 saw companies firing customers, customers who created a loss and who saw the company as a service provider instead of a partner. This will continue into 2011 and companies will focus on their core group of customers. The rise of co-creation platforms, mass customization, and idea gathering initiatives will bring customers closer to brands. Both parties will develop a mutual trust as they both look to build a better future.
  • 15. Focus on KPIs7/10
  • 16. 7/10 Focus on KPIs The financial crisis resulted in the death of short term KPIs. Not really. It did place more emphasis on the right balance between short term, mid term, and long term goals. KPIs will support this. KPIs such as customer satisfaction/loyalty, employee satisfaction/loyalty and net promoter score will be linked to sales and financial KPIs. Companies will bring these elements closer together through evaluation and developing their service profit chain strategy.
  • 17. Focus on ROI8/10
  • 18. 8/10 Focus on ROI Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer Service all receive separate budgets for their departmental initiatives. These are looked at as expenditures to support department and company strategy. In 2011 executives higher up the line will reduce departments expenditure budgets. They will create universal customer experience and engagement programs which will be seen as long term investments. The investment perspective changes the structure of the programs and will require a strong focus on short term as well as long term ROI.
  • 19. Integrate channels9/10
  • 20. 9/10 Integrated channels The rise of social media adaptation in the corporate environment showed how marketing, sales, pr, and customer service continue to operate in siloes. The struggle for ownership of the fastest growing engagement channel will continue into 2011. Companies will create new structures and incentives for the different departments to work together in an integrated and holistic fashion. In some cases departments will be combined and responsibilities divided to optimize the customer experience.
  • 21. Design services10/10
  • 22. 10/10 Design services Already on the rise in Western Europe and the United States the practise of service design will expand in the other areas of the world well into 2011. Services will be designed with customer experience as the focal point.
  • 23. Trust fewer brands, more oftenEncore
  • 24. Encore Trust fewer brands, more often Customers will continue to suffer from data overload. As more brands overload the airwaves with communication the amount of noise will become close to unbearable. As a remedy the customer in 2011 will choose to partner with brands close to their own ideals. More and more brands will become filters to qualitatively high goods and services. Customers will grow to trust the set of brands which complements their life and purchase from them more often.
  • 25. Customer ExperienceTop 10 trends in 2011@erikposthuma Experience Engineer
  • 26. Recap Customer Experience Trends 2011 1. Digital goes physical 2. Integrate social media 3. Love all data 4. Dashboard data 5. Trust and co-create with employees 6. Truest and co-create with customers 7. Focus on KPIs 8. Focus on ROI 9. Integrate channels 10. Design services 11. Trust fewer brands, more often@erikposthuma Experience Engineer
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