Google loves WordPress - Blogging For SEO WordCamp NYC 2012

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Google really does love WordPress. Luckily, if your using WordPress then blogging for SEO is easier than you thought. This presentation will give you great tips, plugins and tools to help you achieve better rankings and find your target market.

Text of Google loves WordPress - Blogging For SEO WordCamp NYC 2012

  • Alex Miranda | PR Underground | June 2012
  • Who Am I? SEO Since 1998 Editor-in-Chief at PR Underground SEO Manager at Marknet Group Inc Asst Organizer of Hudson Valley Wordpress Meetup Group Executive Chef Live in East Windham, NYTwitter: @mralexmirandaFacebook:
  • Topics Why are you blogging? WordPress settings Plugins Google Authorship Program Optimizing your blog Sharing your blog with your target marketWhen you see this.. Its a Hot Tip
  • Why Are You Blogging? Selling Product/Service Establish company as a solution Community All about relationships. They must trust your voice and connect with you Advertising All about traffic and bounce rates SEO using the perfect search terms, all of the above
  • WordPress Settings
  • Permalinks Do not use strange characters Change the default setting to a custom setting Use hyphens - to separate words. No spaces is - - Bad
  • Ping Me What is a ping? A ping automatically notifies social bookmarking sites, search engines, RSS Feeds and blog directories every time you update your blog. Ping-O-Matic alone goes to 20 services. There are over 250 available. Add Ping Optimizer Plugin.
  • Plugins
  • Plugins All In One SEO Pack Add title tags, description and more Google XML Sitemaps Builds your xml sitemap Google Analytics - All about stats Feedburner Feedsmith Adds your post to Google Feedburner Disqus Comment plugin WordPress Ping Optimzer - Save your blog from getting tagged as ping spammer Email Tool Integration- MailChimp, Aweber, etc. Redirection- Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors
  • PluginsOnlywire Manage your social & professional networks Automatically submit your post to 50+ sites at the click of a button Automatically adds tags from your post Instantly fills out captcha for you.
  • PluginsSEO Rank Reporter Track your Google rankings every 3 days and see reports of your progress in a graph View a historical graph of your rankings Email notifications when any one of your rankings changes See how many visits come to your website from selected keywords
  • Google Authorship Program
  • Google Authorship ProgramImplement Google authorship markup Must have a Google+ account Claim your content*. Provides huge search engine ranking benefits Profile picture lends instant credibility Help readers discover your other content on the web. Go to:
  • Google Authorship ProgramBusted!!
  • Google Authorship ProgramHow Do I Know If I have It? Go to:
  • Google Authorship ProgramHow Do I Add it to Wordpress? Use the Rel=Author codeYour Name
  • Google Authorship ProgramHow Do I Add it to Wordpress? Go to users and under bio add the REL=author code.
  • Optimizing Your BlogWhile Google is constantly updating the way we rank, WordPress hasforever changed the speed at which we rank Alex Miranda
  • Content Write for people not for search engines Naturally add keywords into your post The point of each sentence is to get them to read the next sentence Call to action at the end
  • The Title/Headline Make sure your title is engaging. It is the first impression to your reader, on search engines, social media, & RSS Feed 80% of people read headline copy ONLY List posts are always good use the number 5, 7 and 9 Use word like Why, What, How, Fastest, Tips and Secrets Think of words users are typing to find you Use search terms you wish to rank on in the title Use trending words in the title
  • How do I Create The Perfect Title?Step 1. Select for which search terms you want to rank for on Google. This is the term your target market will use to find your services/products. For example, WordPress SEO.
  • How do I find The Perfect Title?Step 2. Research search terms I can rank on with WordPress SEO. Go to here you want to see what is trending and incorporate trending topics into your blog post title. For example, I found out Google and Wordpress were trending. Therefore, I want to try to use WordPress SEO and Google in my blog title. Went to Google Keyword Research Tools and entered WordPress SEO and Google . Here I saw which search terms are being used by searchers and receive the most traffic.
  • Add The KeywordStep 3. You are going to use the search terms in your blog post title, summary, body and tags. Make sure the title is eye-catching. Link it to an existing related article on your site.
  • Add TagsStep 4. Tags help users find your content. Social Bookmarking sites and RSS feeds use tags to identify content specific information. Make sure you use tags that are related to your article. No Follow your tags.
  • Title Tags/DescriptionStep 5. Remember people will read the meta description snippet. It must get their attention.
  • Categories Use categories that are relevant to your blog post Use categories that are good keywords.
  • Robot.txt If you write a post and add it to two different categories or create multiple tags, you are creating duplicate content. Use This: (You can also use a plugin called Meta Robots)
  • This Is What Happens!! 6 pages on Google search results
  • The DR OZ Show Client wanted to rank on Google News for the term Hypnosis for Weight Loss at the same time the DR Oz Show started.
  • The DR OZ Show Mission accomplished. Client received calls from as far away as Canada before show was even over.
  • Share, Share, Share
  • Social Bookmark SitesBookmarking Sites: Create as many accounts as possible.
  • Tweet Use targeted #hashtags on twitter.Example:
  • This Is What Happens!!
  • Share, Share, Share Share on Facebook Ask people to like it Share on Linkedin Groups Build your list. Email out each post Allow contributors to participate in your post. Use Blog Stampede Create a YouTube video with the same title
  • The Secret SEO WeaponSocial Media Press Release Use it to compliment your blog post. Create a release of your post. Generates Inbound Links to your blog Have your story appear on Google News within 5 minutes Google loves fresh content Target hard to find keywords Share, Share, Share
  • Lets TalkFeel free to email me if: If you want free bonus SEO material The entire presentation SEO recommendations for your blogAttendees, receive a 25% discount on a social media pressrelease when you email and follow me.Email: amiranda@prunderground.comTwitter: @mralexmirandaFacebook: