WordCamp 2010: Blogging for Business

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Presented at WordCamp Houston, August 2010

Text of WordCamp 2010: Blogging for Business

  • 1. Whose Blog Is It Anyway?8.7.10Amanda & Lauren

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKB7zfopiUA&feature=playe 3. It looks like improv, but its not. 4. You must have company. 5. Just start Googling 6. Is it funny oris it awkward? Will this blog conceptreach its intended public? Why does it (or will it)matter to them? Will they get the joke?(Consider all possibleaudiences) Improv Everywheres No Pants Subway Ride 7. Energy Company Editorial CalendarJanuary: July:How is your resolution going?Fourth of July Safety TipsCheck your AC, spring is coming! Vacation Season Hurricane SeasonFebruary:August:Love your environment promoMoving Season Vacation Season Hurricane SeasonMarch: September:March Madness - Mad for Saving!Hurricane SeasonSpring / Summer Energy Saving Tips Light-up SeasonApril: October:Fun ways to save with the family Scary energy factsSpring / Summer Energy Saving Tips Hurricane Season Light-up SeasonMay: November:Moving SeasonHurricane SeasonVacation SeasonLight-up Season Holiday energy saving tipsJune:December:Moving SeasonMake an energy saving resolution!!Vacation SeasonHave a Resolution YouTube ContestGearing up for Hurricane SeasonHolidays sales push 8. Your audience can tune in at any time!Consistency shows you have the resources and commitment toserve your public.Season Five on LOST 9. mothership approach vs. spinoffs 10. Voice 11. Content Who will carry the torch? 12. Content Who will carry the torch? 13. MMI Editorial Calendar 14. Promotion 15. Promotion 16. Its not improv. Research Define audience Build consensus and support Establish voice Plan for content and contribution Connect and promote 17. Dont just stand pantless in thesubway for no reason.