Accuracy in photojournalism

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Accuracy in photojournalism. A presentation for Kuwait University mass communication students

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  • 1. Accuracy in Photojournalism

2. . SPJ Code of Ethics 3. . . SPJ Code of Ethics 4. SPJ Code of Ethics 5. Kent State Shooting The Fence? 6. Moving the Pyramids to fit the cover 7. Iran's Revolutionary Guards released these images Propaganda 8. AP photographer in Syria Fired 9. Middle East Peace Talks at the White House, 2010 10. Al Ahram newspaper 11. Doctoring gruesome images 12. a Lebanese photographer, shows thick black smoke in Beirut after an Israeli air raid He said he was only trying to clean up the photo and not alter the image 13. Alarabiya in Libya 14. Los Angeles Times Iraq photo Photographer fired 15. Toppling of Saddam Hussein Statue Camera Angles 16. John Kerry and Jane Fonda speaking at different Vietnam War rallies 17. Mugshot of O.J. Darker and more dangerous 18. Oprah manipulated without her permission 19. Make women slimmer 20. The Heat Film Poster, 2013 21. Inserting a black person for diversity 22. 2013 World Press photo of the year (Paul Hansen) - photoshopped! 23. In many newsrooms it is unethical to pass off a retouched photo as reality. Ideally, retouching of a news photograph should be limited to basic exposure and color correction, cropping, resizing, or conversion to grayscale. Any Photoshopping that alters the meaning of the original photo should be labeled as a news illustration in the caption so the viewer understands the photo has been altered. - 24. Sources HOAXES, FAKES AND DOCTORED PHOTOS THROUGH HISTORY SPJ Code of Ethics