Future of Digital Marketing & Creative Innovation in Asia 2016 - Zaheer Nooruddin GOLIN

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Text of Future of Digital Marketing & Creative Innovation in Asia 2016 - Zaheer Nooruddin GOLIN

  1. 1. Today.Today.
  2. 2. "Half the money I spend on"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.advertising is wasted. Trouble is I don't knowTrouble is I don't know which half."which half." John Wannamaker
  3. 3. A story aboutA story about the future.the future.
  4. 4. Today: Era of Clicks and Swipes.
  5. 5. Already today:Already today: Mobile is so captivatingMobile is so captivating 60%60% of youth would give upof youth would give up TV rst.TV rst. Global Mobile Landscape Report 2015
  6. 6. Today:Today: Global MarketingGlobal Marketing marketplacemarketplace 1 Trillion1 Trillion US$US$ MarTech & The Decade of the CMO Report 2015
  7. 7. Today:Today: Global Ad SpendGlobal Ad Spend $500 Billion$500 Billion MarTech & The Decade of the CMO Report 2015
  8. 8. Today:Today: 1% of $1 Trillion1% of $1 Trillion MarketingMarketing Technology.Technology. MarTech & The Decade of the CMO Report 2015
  9. 9. The Future.The Future.
  10. 10. An Era of Gestures.An Era of Gestures.
  11. 11. Glass, Skin, andGlass, Skin, and Walls.Walls.
  12. 12. World of Sensors.World of Sensors.
  13. 13. 50.1 Billion50.1 Billion Connected:Connected: DevicesDevices 2020.2020.
  14. 14. "The best advertising"The best advertising isn't advertising."isn't advertising."
  15. 15. The Future ofThe Future of Communications.Communications. Really good!Really good!
  16. 16. Next 5 years: 80% of all media consumed digitally. Digital Futures Report 2015
  17. 17. Far greaterFar greater at scale,at scale, in real-time.in real-time. Consumer insightConsumer insight
  18. 18. Half of all mediaHalf of all media consumed will be onconsumed will be on Wearables & Mobile.Wearables & Mobile. Gartner Report 2014
  19. 19. MarketingMarketing Technology.Technology. MarTech & The Decade of the CMO Report 2015 10x10x
  20. 20. No one will click onNo one will click on ads (or on anything)ads (or on anything) anymore.anymore.
  21. 21. Hire an agency.Hire an agency. Launch a campaign.Launch a campaign. Repeat. Repeat.Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.Repeat. Repeat.Repeat.
  22. 22. "The traditional agency"The traditional agency is fundamentally brokenis fundamentally broken when we canwhen we can crowdsource 20 ideascrowdsource 20 ideas instead of one."instead of one." Guy Longworth, Sony PlayStation, CMO
  23. 23. RIP.RIP.
  24. 24. Bye bye, interruption.Bye bye, interruption.
  25. 25. Already today:Already today: 9 of 10 consumers9 of 10 consumers want brands to makewant brands to make ads that feel likeads that feel like stories.stories.
  26. 26. Storytelling.Storytelling. Going beyondGoing beyond self-congratulations.self-congratulations. More thanMore than gimmicksgimmicks to sell more crap.to sell more crap.
  27. 27. To sell more,To sell more, stop selling.stop selling. Please?
  28. 28. The Future.The Future.
  29. 29. Retention ReferralAcquisition Intention Consideration Awareness Relevance Same, same,Same, same, but dierent.but dierent.
  30. 30. People don't readPeople don't read ads. They read whatads. They read what interests them, andinterests them, and sometimes it's an ad.sometimes it's an ad. Howard Gossage
  31. 31. Deep insights.Deep insights.
  32. 32. Single view of theSingle view of the customer.customer.
  33. 33. Non-linear mediaNon-linear media consumption.consumption.
  34. 34. Linear content.Linear content.
  35. 35. , not ads., not ads.StoriesStories
  36. 36. Every company hasEvery company has stories to tell.stories to tell.
  37. 37. PurposefulPurposeful ValuableValuable Brand DNABrand DNA The future:The future: 3 types of3 types of communicationscommunications
  38. 38. "Storytelling is about relationship"Storytelling is about relationship Describing the world of your audienceDescribing the world of your audience What they care aboutWhat they care about Where they are trying to get in life.Where they are trying to get in life. Michael Margolis, CEO
  39. 39. Culture of theCulture of the brand.brand. O2OO2O ValuableValuable
  40. 40. Brand DNABrand DNA
  41. 41. Unbranded,Unbranded, curated storytelling.curated storytelling.
  42. 42. 89% of marketers89% of marketers agree thatagree that 3rd-party content is3rd-party content is more credible.more credible.
  43. 43. Go deeper.Go deeper.
  44. 44. Aggregate data across channels and devices in real-time to gain a single view of each customer. Build models that predict customer preferences, at scale, cost- eectively, in real-time.
  45. 45. MassMass personalization.personalization.
  46. 46. Mass Personalization
  47. 47. Personalize every brand experience with a unied customer prole.
  48. 48. Market to the few.Market to the few.
  49. 49. Audience Targeting
  50. 50. In mobile gamesIn mobile games 60% of revenues60% of revenues from 0.23% offrom 0.23% of players.players. The Swrve Monetization Report 2015
  51. 51. articialarticial intelligenceintelligence learn buy optimize create plan storystory sciencescience Communications, at scale
  52. 52. CreateCreate authentic stories at scale,authentic stories at scale, in many formats.in many formats. Distribute across fragmentedDistribute across fragmented channels.channels. Identify and work withIdentify and work with advocates.advocates.
  53. 53. Content Marketing At Scale
  54. 54. Inform and inspireInform and inspire in the same message.in the same message.
  55. 55. Make It CountMake It Count Brand DNABrand DNA
  56. 56. As a brand,As a brand, becomebecome media.media.
  57. 57. Surface relevant content across all touchpoints at optimal times.
  58. 58. Use LocationUse Location to increase the relevance ofto increase the relevance of content to the consumer.content to the consumer. Right message, time, place.
  59. 59. The launch of Journey is an opportunity to shift the way we communicate online. Signaling ambitions to move to multimedia and curated content.
  60. 60. Help a Child reach 5Help a Child reach 5 PurposefulPurposeful
  61. 61. Make it impossibleMake it impossible not to share.not to share. #Creativity #NotDistribution
  62. 62. Whats the rst thing aWhats the rst thing a child says when shechild says when she learns to talk?learns to talk?
  63. 63. "Tell me a story.""Tell me a story."
  64. 64. In the future,In the future, if all else fails...if all else fails...
  65. 65. Thanks.Thanks. Zaheer NooruddinZaheer Nooruddin Head of Digital Innovation, Asia @DIGIBLE