22. Ahmed Zaheer Babar - DOW Ahmed Zaheer Babar had a passion for literature, painting and calligraphy

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  • Ahmed Zaheer Babar

    English & Urdu Text : Khalid Iqbal Presentation : Shoaib Sobani

  • Babar likes taking his own photo!!!

    Tall stature, wheatish-white complexion, black coiled hairs, facial features akin to the Greek idols. An intonation that can relate him to the famous classical singers of Patiala family. Ahmed Zaheer Babar had a passion for literature, painting and calligraphy.

  • Babar likes taking his own photo!!!

    His body and soul housed a deep-rooted love for fine arts. He was a diehard “Leftist” and a strong leader of the Karachi chapter of NSF. Organizing political rallies, processions and medical camps for the down-trodden were the tasks assigned to him which he always executed with missionary zeal.

  • Babar went to England after signing out from Dow. He had an initial training in surgery followed by plastic surgery. Painting and plastic surgery seems to have a universal chemistry and Babar took advantage of this fact to the optimum in acquiring first-rate skills.

  • Babar loved the lifestyle in Karachi and this factor persuaded him to come again to the city. The city of Karachi was politically tattered and socially dilapidated and he could not maintain the relationship. Out of frustration he returned to England.

  • Zaheer now shows the sparkle of seniority. Camaraderie, humorous mindset and the values of his time are well preserved in his character. He is a man who knows the sanctity of memories and relationships, but at the same time has been a staunch believer in… Babar, enjoy yourself for life comes but once…….

  • Dear AZB, mubarak ho isshaftaykayDulhahonay per, Aapkitareefkaywastay ye shareefonka forum nahi, balkay college kipurani canteen main mehfillaganiparay gee. Bohatsareenaiktamanao'naurduao'nkaysathParveenkosalamaurbacha party kodua Regards Aijaz

    This is song dedicated by all singles in LLPL, there are quite a > few, to the new "dulha" >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKg6gVBn_dI


    Babar: This is not fair. You are supposed to lay low and pretend as if-nothing is happening then and only then do you wake up and start- making noises, exactly like a dulha.- Now, how am I to tell you how good a friend you are and that you- were born to lead and lead you did. I can't say any of those things. I can't even tell anybody about- your creative activities and how proud a father you are with- both your children doing extremely well in life. One would have very much liked to have said that Parveen is > great. She has gone from strength to strength in everything she-has taken on.- > This could have gone on and ......-There is no point in going on. You have changed the playing-field, but then that is your forte in life, not adapt but make changes.-I can't take off my glasses to throw punches, even if I wanted-to. Firstly you are bigger than I am and secondly I can't see!!-Have a good one dulhamian and give our best to dulhania and the-two chottaymian(s) :-) Barbara& Hassan


  • On this lazy Saturday afternoon, when I was busy doing , what I-am at its best, i e dozing on the settee, phone rang----Mullah-Sahib woke me to tell me that I am the 'dullha' fore this week !!-Thanks Shoaib for the write up. Where did you get these photos ?some of them even I have not-seem. Obviously. your agents, who ever they are, are doing a-good job-- thanks to them also.-But, chaps, from on onward THE RULES OF THE GAME CHANGES !-It is about my life, and as I am still alive, I will write my own obituary.-Please do not start the customary ritual & start telling me how good I am, I already know.( Ha Ha)-Make it a bit more interesting & do the reverse & be my real friend- & tell me all my weaknesses & all that you do not like about me, or all those time when I irritated you -So, here is a challenge for you all.-I am ready >Go on, start throwing punches !! azb


    Thank you Parveen the great-Kufurtotakhudakhudakarkay It is such a delight to hear from you after 30 years!- Gang partner, now you can also tell me about what 'umt' stands for!-I have been waiting for 30 years! You can perhaps whisper to me when we meet up in September in London. Thank you again Munir

    Hey Babar, CONGRATULATIONS! !!on your big day and please just like Kosar says, for once accept it and don't ask your polite friends to say things which they can't (I am sure they can tell one or two flaws at one of the 'LLPL' meetings).-all I can say is that I am thankful to Kosar, Amir and Mulla for introducing me to this Gentle, Kind and honest 'Dhula'. Babar is my best freind and he is a great father to Dannish and Azlee. I love you Babar. xxxxxx ( to Choudry, you always be my George Clooooney and some kisses for you too xxxxx)-(to Munir, how dare you say that I left our 'Gang', I can never do that, gangsters always stay loyal, so lots of love to you too- partner). Regards to all - Bashir! I can throw some kisses towards you, only if you promise not to say any bad word to my darlin darling 'Coooloney'. can't wait to see you in September. xxxxxxxxxxxx 'is that enough'. Parveen


    folks Thats it-having the luxury of knowing kausar and Babar since Greenwood school I have been blessed Babar has always been like my older brother and I call him for advice during my turmoil in life-I must say that none of it could have been possible without PARVEEN all the great times we have had with LLPL or with family parveen had a role in it or else babar with his temper is just as F ed up so thanks to you Parro yr

    Z B.............what can you dare to add to whatever so many friends have very aptly described and written about you with so much love ...........you are a real beebabunda................soft spoken but no push over; gentle but determined; tall and overbearing but packed with humility to the core; immense diversity but yet widely respected........one could go on and on..................the biggest trait you had and have is of friendship and collegiality...........I know you were a socialist to the core..............but my only grief with you is that you still gave up too early on the "tabqatikashmakash"..............sathee..........so does it mean your shoulders have now leveled off or the left one is still sagging.............smiling....... I won't say much about your artistic prowess; I just envy your vocation of shaping the existing and the non-

    existing…Don’t forget that we still have to work on our little project…….I’m not letting you off the hook………….. Best wishes to you and your lovely family…… Asad

  • Dear Babar I must write before the weekend is out otherwise there will be very little to write. Friends are eulogizing in a hurry. You were a principled and true to the cause young man and have remained so. You had to be headstrong to comply with those traits. Shershah has very eloquently alluded to that. As regards to weakness then I would say that you are very human like any body else. There is no point in being negative as there was very little negative about you. You remain a boss and I for one still regard your judgments as very respectable. You are still the boss. Parveen, Azlee and Danish make you complete. Finally, I don’t know why they are calling you personality of the week. You were “THE” personality of our class. Ifti

    This reminds me of the movie *Dostana* starring Abhishek Bacchan and John Abraham. Good songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obfm8RXGav0 Abhishek: Chaudhry John Abraham: Babar Priyanka Chopra: Parveen This song was my favorite. Maa da laadlabigargaya. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whYoWNzaCa8 Arshad

    Babar saathi/Dulha Aapkikhawhishkemutabiq hum aapkitareefnaikarnachahteykiunkeaapkitamamkhobioonkepicheyjiska hath haiwo koi aurnaibulkeyparveenhai, so all our appreciation goes to parveen the GREAT (Aabteekhai) .-Who Knows you better than an old room mate. Afzal


  • was just thinking that Asif, don’t remember that photo at all. Yes tell us Babar did we ever. . . Telling me to “horchupoganne”. . . huh? Who is “chupingganne” now!! So. . . .what I find irritating about you? Well here goes, you asked for it remember that! 1- You are a great artist and I am not and I wish you would keep your pieces small. Remember that teddy bear you carved out of tree trunk and wanted my help to move the blessesed thing? 2- You are tall, fair and good looking, with curly hair, and I am not, most irritating 3- You drive a Jag and I don’t. . . .damn! so frustrating! 4- The one thing which may irritate you is that I am Parveen’s “Clooney” and you are not!!

    Ha !ha! ha! Joking aside It’s great to have a friend like you and Parveen, knowing the fact that you are there and that is enough. Chaudhry. XXXXX (kisses are for Parveen so don’t get exited, after all I am her Clooney )

    Dear Babar Okay you asked for it! The black and white photo with you and Iqbal Hashmat in what can best be described in "compromising embrace" can only lead to one conclusion. Any explanations? Bythe way my regards to Parveen, lucky you! asif


  • THANK YOU SHOAIB FOR PRESENTING BABAR OUR FRIEND FOR THIS WEEKS CLASS GUFTAGU we----KHANNA WAS ALSO THERE-- were sitting at BBQ to night and babar told me that he and parveen HAS

    DECIDED TO GO BACK TO ENGLAND - it was a very hard decision.he came back with special training in the management of burns injur