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<ol><li> 1. Removing Soda Stains From Your Carpet </li><li> 2. When it comes to soda, our kids can get a little excited and before you know it - stains! But kids being kids doesnt mean that you have to always look at soda stains. </li><li> 3. How to Quickly Remove Soda Stains 1. With a clean piece of towel, apply medium pressure in a blotting motion and try to absorb as much soda as you can. Be careful not to rub the stain, as this will only make matters worse. 2. In a bucket of about a liter of lukewarm water, mix a teaspoon of vinegar with carpet detergent and soak a clean undyed piece of cloth. 3. Starting with small portions of the stain, apply the mixture to the outside and work your way in. Take care that you dont use too much at a time and end up damaging the root of your carpet. </li><li> 4. 4. While its important to remove the stain as soon as possible, when it comes to soda stains, it pays to take care. Avoid getting frustrated and rubbing the area, or cleaning in large areas. Doing this will minimize any carpet discoloration. 5. If your stain wont budge, dont despair. Soda stains can be a little problematic and may need a few tries. Continue applying the solution until the stain has been removed. </li><li> 5. Your carpet is free of soda stains. Be careful to blot up any left over solution with a new piece of cloth and clean warm water. Again, be sure not to rub as this can cause discoloration. Congratulations! For more information: http://clevelandcleanpro.com/ </li></ol>


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