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unleash your vision by evgania mehler

Text of Unleash your vision e-book - The truth about eyesight and the paradox of glasses

  • 1. By Evgania Mehler Presented by www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com The Truth About Eyesight The Paradox Of Glasses

2. Copyright 2008 Evgania Mehler All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied. 3. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com NOTICE: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including, but not limited to, photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. DISCLAIMER: This book and all references are for educational purposes only. The informationanddirectionsinthesewritings,individuallyandcollectively, are in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultations with a duly licensed physician regarding diagnosis and / or treatment of disease and are not intended to diagnose or treat. This book offers no medical, legal, or related professional advice. The reader is encouraged to use good judgment when applying the information herein contained and to seek advice from a qualified professional if, and as, needed. The information, exercises, and guidelines in this book are intended to encourage personal responsibility and to support proper medical care. For questions or comments concerning this book, please send an email to Evgania@Unleash-Your-Vision.com 4. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Where We Are Today 3 My Story 5 Current State 8 The System 9 Chapter 1: I Want to Be Free 13 Smiling 15 The Prison of Sickness 17 Everything is Connected 21 Sickness is Psychological 22 Changing Focus 24 Becoming Healthy 29 The Way of a Winner, Your Way 31 Summary for the Chapter 1 32 Chapter 2: Time to Love, Not to Hate 33 Emotions: How They Affect Your Life 33 Healing Yourself 36 Becoming Real 45 Chapter 3: Know Your Self , Know Your Enemies 47 Reasons to Be Healthy 48 Why Do I need to be Healthy? 50 Three Enemies that Hold Us Back 52 5. Table of Contents vCopyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com Chapter 4: Please Forgive Me, I Cant Stop Loving You 57 Painful Soul 57 Cleanse Your Soul 60 Story of Forgiveness 61 Forgive Now 62 Chapter 5: The Food For Your Soul 69 Alkaline vs. Acidic 71 Alkaline Foods 74 Green Vegetables 74 Grains 75 Nuts and Seeds 75 Fruits 76 How We Separate Our Food 79 Poison for Your Body 81 Chapter 6: Gymnastics 89 Exercising Our Joints 89 Change Your State 90 Gymnastics 92 Acupuncture Points 92 Ears 94 Hands 96 Arms 99 Legs 103 Back 113 Upper Back 118 First Twist Exercise 120 Middle Back 121 Twist for the Middle Back 125 Lower Back 126 Shaking 140 6. Table of Contents viCopyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com Chapter 7: Eye-Lympix 141 Palming 146 Vision Correction 146 The Preparation Phase 147 The Performance 148 Stamp Exercise 150 Chapter 8: How to Make a Plan that Works 155 Chapter 9: Summary 165 7. 1Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com Introduction Meet Evgania Mehler Evgania Mehler has studied the Russian secret of Unleash Your Vision over a period of six years in Moscow and Israel. During this time, she worked closely with her mentors while accompanying them on their teaching missions. After successful studies, and then creating the Unleash Your Vision system, Evgania began teaching the secret techniques in live seminars to thousands of people. I soon realized that it was my fate to reveal the secret and bring it to you. Mrs. Evgania Mehler I learned these techniques for myself because of my own life and health challenges. My journey started when I lost my mother to skin cancer at the age eight, and five years later had to relocate to a completely new environment, a new country and culture, where at first, I did not fit in. Under those difficult circumstances, I did not want to see my future anymore and as a result I partly lost my eyesight. When my lack of vision became a hindrance and stood in the way of my acting career, I literally decided to throw away my glasses. That same day, I was introduced to the secret in mysterious ways. 8. The Truth About Eyesight: The paradox of glasses || By Evgania Mehler 2 Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com Taking personal responsibility for your health and the health of your family is vital. You must be open to educating yourself and seeking information on all of the aspects of a healthy lifestyle. You must be willing to learn how to manage the health challenges you face because of your background and your own life circumstances. You will need to understand the benefits of proper diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and stress management, and the vital components of emotional and family support. Do not be afraid to become a team member with your mentor. Ask questions so that you can make informed choices. My contact information as promised: Evangia Mehler Evgangia@Unleash-Your-Vision.com www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com 9. Introduction 3Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com Where We Are Today Today in the 21st Century the majority of people are facing health challenges. They are sick, poor, unhappy and emotionally unfulfilled. It is very rare to find a person who is happy, healthy, and wealthy. When you come in to work happy and in a good mood you are met with all kinds of questions, What is wrong? What happened to you? Why are you so happy? Did you win the lottery? When asked how you feel and your response is, I feel great, people think something is wrong with you. They dont understand how you could feel better than they do. Most people really do have problems, not just with health, but problems that affect their whole life. You truly are the exception when you are the one person who is feeling good with no special reason. Have you ever realised that we only experience five to seven emotions in our life? We feel anger, our most common emotion, we experience fear, frustration, sadness, and sometimes, thankfully, a bit of joy. But most of the time we feel down or even depressed. We, as modern human beings, are constantly chasing something, always wanting to accomplish something, to be successful and to also be everywhere we need to be at the same time. We are always in a rush. We are consistently running in circles, to do, to go, and never allowing ourselves to just be. 10. The Truth About Eyesight: The paradox of glasses || By Evgania Mehler 4 Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com We are no longer human BEings anymore, we have become human DOings; running, rushing, and striving for success. We never take the time to stop and ask ourselves, What am I living for? What am I here for? What is the purpose of my life? We dont take time for any of these important questions. Instead we distract ourselves from them, by watching TV, by eating and drinking, and even more often by going shopping. We are running in circles, day after day, year after year. We all have the same problems with our finances, with our relationships, and with our health. We are just not taking the time to address the problems and find a solution. We all have too many issues to deal with, too many challenges to face all at once; we just dont want to see them. After a while our minds begin to protect our emotions from the pain of our problems and we literally blind ourselves to our situation. When that happens we literally cant see anymore. Thats the point when we need glasses all of a sudden, regardless of our age, just to see the world. Thats why this book was written. Ive written it for you, so you can finally take a moment to stop and breathe. The most important thing for me is to move you, and to toss you out of that circle you have been stuck running around in. That circle consists of harmful emotions, empty thoughts and unnecessary words and actions. My goal is to see you without glasses at the end of this course. So I will soon begin to use different techniques in order to make you move. Please forgive me for all the jokes Im going to make, and for all the words about you and your own personality that you probably will not like. But, this is the only way to make your brain and body move. 11. Introduction 5Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com My Story Ten years ago I was exactly the same as everyone else, running, rushing, and striving to achieve. I was unhappy and unfulfilled with my life; and I had to wear glasses. My problems in life started at a very early age. I lost my mother at eight years old, and I then grew up with my father and my step-mom. Losing my mother created terrible sadness in my life and I was depressed for a very long time. When I was 13 years old, we left the USSR and moved to Israel. When you are 13 and change your country, language and friends, you face very difficult challenges, especially that painful time when you are learning how to fit in. During that time of transition, I thought a lot about, Why am I alive? Why do I suffer? Why do I have to learn these lessons? What are they for? I often thought about death and even considered committing suicide. Luckily, I did not make those terrible choices and after I had grown up a little more and learned to fit in, I found a purpose for my life. I eventually decided to go to acting school and won a very big audition which opened the door to one of the best acting schools in the country. This was an especially difficult task and an important accomplishment for me since the language spoken was my second language and I still had an accent. 12. The Truth About Eyesight: The paradox of glasses || By Evgania Mehler 6 Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. www.Unleash-Your-Vision.com I realized that if I could do this, I could accomplish many more things in my life. It was through this process that I developed fa

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