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Tips for Relaxing

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Think things through as you decide how best YOU can increase relaxation in your life!

Text of Tips for Relaxing

  • 1. Tips forRelaxingLifeServices EAP1-800-822-4847
  • 2. Guidelines for Relaxation activities Is it legal? Is it healthy? Is it fun? Is it relaxing? Is it a source of energy? Is it a source of renewal?
  • 3. Have the time? Make it a priority Make it a habit Put it in your planner Just Do It! Involve a partner Dont get sidelined with distractions!
  • 4. Research relaxation activities on the internet, library, LifeServices website, etc Get a free consultation at a Educate yourself local fitness or Ignorance is not an excuse yoga club What is most beneficial for you?
  • 5. What are your objectives? Stress reduction? Relaxation? Focus? Energy? Fulfillment? Better health? Distraction?
  • 6. Discuss it with loved ones Enjoin them! Inform them! You dont have to be alone & maybe they dont want to be either! Do it in spite of their reluctance to join you!
  • 7. Use to sew, paint, medita te, walk, read, dra w, write? What got in the way? Still have the equipment; Long-lost supplies? hobbies? Go get them & Where did they go? get back to it! Make a goal of a finished product to use, gift, or donate!
  • 8. What the brain needs Oxygen; transfer of neurons to release endorphins which give us the natural feeling of well- being. Many relaxation activities will make that happen!
  • 9. And, when endorphins are released: Magic? So, do it again! Problems dissipate Solutions appear Or, what was previously felt to be a problem is now felt to be benign!
  • 10. Imagine, visit, make your screen saver your retirement location! This is mine: near Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, voted the most beautiful place in America, 2012!
  • 11. This is the other retirementlocation.hey, it could happen! Saving a table for Margie & hubby!
  • 12. Lets look at some suggested activities in our handouts! Call LifeServices EAP for a consultation or resources ( Make an appointment with a counselor to discuss your needs in person.Always be open to newideas on how to relax! 1-800-822-4847

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