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2 Relaxing. 1. Think about situations in your life. Use the Key Words to say how relaxing or stressful they are for you. Quite relaxing Very relaxing A little stressful Very stressful. Lying on a beach Shopping with a friends Giving a talk to your class in your own language - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • 1. Think about situations in your life. Use the Key Words to say how relaxing or stressful they are for you. Lying on a beachShopping with a friendsGiving a talk to your class in your own languageStudying for an examWaiting for exam resultGiving a talk to your class in English Quite relaxingVery relaxing A little stressfulVery stressful

  • 2. You will hear the following words in the interview. Use them to complete the sentences. can cause headaches and other illness.The interview took place in a .I am shy and find situations stressful.John backache.Stressstudiosocialis suffering from

  • 5. The of being a doctor causes me stress.6. Breathing exercises can help stress.7. Someone must this years Christmas party.8. Dr Smith is an on losing weight.pressurereduceorganiseexpert

  • Listening Strategies: Prediction Before you listen, read the questions carefully. (e.g. question 1 in exercise 3) Try to think of possible answers. (e.g. students) Use your general knowledge to help you. (e.g. Students have lots of tests.)

  • Tapescript:Presenter: Good morning and welcome to Lifestyles. Today were going to look at stress what causes it and what we can do to and prevent it. We have in the Dr Klinsmann, stress. Good morning, Dr Klinsmann.Doctor: Good morning.Presenter: Dr Klinsmannerwhat kinds of people often stress?Doctor: Well, anybody can suffer from stress. There are certain jobs that are very , like some jobs in or the police. But, everyone suffers from stress at some time in their life- students, doctors, factory expert onstudiorelaxsuffer fromstressfulbusinessprobably

  • Presenter: But, what really causes it?Doctor: There are different reasons. One is time and of work and study. At school, for example, students can become very stressed when they have a lot of homework to do and they feel they havent got enough time to do it all. Other reasons can be - if you have a problem with your family or friends or at school. And it has something to do with the person- if youre shy, like parties can be very stressful too.Presenter: And what can you do to stop stress and worry? Because stress is very bad for you, isnt it?pressuressocialsocial situations

  • Doctor: Yes, it can cause a lot of . But to answer your question, there are lots of things you can do to . You can your work or studies. For example, you can and do all the important things first. You must eat well- have a good - and of course do exercise often. , you can talk to people about your problems- talk to a friend, someone in your family or, if youre studying, talk to a teacher. You can also do exercises.Presenter: Can you some of these

    health problemsdescribereduce stressorganizemake a listdietFinallyspecial

  • Listen again and then answer the questions of Exercise 5.Q1: When do students suffer from stress?

    Q2: What social occasion can be difficult for shy people? A1: When they have a lot of homework to do and they feel they havent got enough time to do it all.A2: Parties.

  • Q3: What is a good way of organising work or studies?

    Q4: Who can people talk to about their problems?A3: Make a list and do all the important things first.A4: They can talk to a friend, some one in their family, or if theyre studying, talk to their teachers.

  • 6. Listen to Mark and complete the table.going to partiestalking to friendstalking in front of the class in French lessonslistening to musicreadingsitting and doing nothingstressful activitiesrelaxing activitiesdoing exams

  • 7. Expressing Preferenceshate cant standdont likeprefer5. enjoy6. like7. quite like8. love

  • 9. Pronunciation: Hesitationmmmm you knowYou know what I meaner mmwell, mm

  • Tapescript:Mark: Things I find stressful. Well, I really hate mm doing exams. Mm, I get very nervous the night before, you know. And I cant sleep, you know what I mean? Im also shy and I dont like going to parties very much. I prefer meeting people in small groups, you know. Ah, theres another thing- in French lessons I cant stand talking in front of the class, er, I get nervous and mm, make lots of mistakes. Things I find relaxing? Well, mm, I like a lot of things. I love talking to my friends. And when Im tired and want to relax I enjoy listening to music and I also like reading. Ah, I quite like sitting and doing nothing!

  • Speaking: Work in groups of four. Take turns to talk about activities you like and dont like. Talk for as long as you can. Use hesitation words to give you time to think of ideas while you are speaking.

  • Answers of P56:Expressing preferencesABC

  • 3. JobsC business manager; stressful, busyE mechanic; dangerous, boringF waiter; busy, interestingD rock star; fun, excitingB teacher; interesting, stressfulA police officer; dangerous, stressful

  • 4. Complete the dialogue with the correct choice of words below. C. suffering from B. stressful A. reduce D. diet B. prefer to study C. organise A. probably C. social

  • 1. Time abverbialsPresent Simple: never, occasionally, sometimes, often, usually, always, every morningPresent Continuous: right now, at the moment

  • 2. Time abverbials and word orderWe often cook sausages for supper.Laura usually revises for her exams on Sunday.I am doing my English homework now.He is playing the guitar at the moment.I never go swimming at the weekend.

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