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This power point discusses the relationship between Global Health, Psychiatric Nursing, and Horticulture Therapy and has been created for the Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. To capture the full scope, this powerpoint includes information on the Eden Philosophy, Howard Gardner's naturalistics learning styles, a link to mass horticulture and the environment, horticulture therapy, a link between aboriginals and nature to health and well-being, and a video linking the sustainabe region in Vancouver BC.


  • 1.Kwantlen Polytechnic University PSYN 3200 Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, Global Health, and Horticulture Therapy at George Pearson Centre Presented By: Erin Chapin and Manahil Chaudhary,BPN students, KPU Faculty: Roberta Jokanovich April. 22, 2010

2. PSYN 3200:Global Health

  • Why Study Global Health as Psychiatric Nurses?
  • Link the environment to pressing health issues we face
  • daily as psychiatric nurses for ex: low self esteem and
  • poor nutrition.
  • Recognize extraneous variables behind our clients
  • major mental health concerns, ex: institutional living
  • can create a disconnect with the outdoors and may lead to
  • depression
  • Critically evaluate human impact on environment
  • Use the environment to create programs which benefit the
  • health of our clients
  • Develop and Implement change within our environments
  • and health authorities to promote health

3. PSYN 3200: Global Health Gardening as a Holistic Approach for people and the Physical Environment

  • Individual
  • Family Involvement
  • Well-being
  • Physical health Exercise, toxins, pollution,
  • Culture
  • Spirituality
  • Learning Styles
  • Social Connectedness
  • Group Therapy
  • Dexterity
  • Fulfillment
  • Assessment

4. PSYN 3200: Global Health

  • We Studied Mass Horticulture and Concerns from Around the World
  • High level of fossil fuels used for transportation
  • Harmful Pesticides
  • Nutrient loss in overused land
  • Mono-cropping Over production of
  • one crop for a countries economic stability
  • Pollution in large scale farming
  • equipment
  • National nutrition crisis

5. PSYN 3200: Global Health

  • We Linked the Eden Philosophy with Global Health
  • The foundation is based on the belief
  • that loneliness, helplessness and
  • boredom account for most of the suffering
  • experienced in long term care settings
  • Meaningless activity corrodes
  • the human spirit. The opportunity to do
  • things that we find meaningful is essential to
  • human health.
  • Gardening and animal care
  • Promotes fulfillment and a sense of
  • accomplishment for people living in
  • institutional settings
  • Allows nurses to share valuable narrative

6. PSYN 3200:Global Health

  • Why Study
  • Horticulture Therapy?
  • Promote health and wellness for
  • an individual or group
  • Recognizes the positive benefits of the
  • interaction between people, plants, and
  • gardens to improve cognitive, physical,
  • social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Define outcomes and
  • assessment procedures ie. How will this
  • therapy positively effect our clients?

7. PSYN 3200: Global Health

  • We Applied Howard Gardners Learning Styles: Naturalistic
  • Howard Gardner has proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983 (Smith, 2008).
  • The naturalistic learning style is
  • the ability to understand the elements
  • of nature.
  • Learners learn better in an outdoor setting
  • Individuals with a naturalistic style
  • seek out and engage in activities
  • like gardening and taking care of animals.

8. PSYN 3200: Global Health

  • In BC What did our Aboriginal Ancestors Think of Nature?
  • Sacredness of humanity's connection with nature, not only for spiritual
  • well-being, but also physical, social, and psychological well-being
  • H uman-kind's separation from nature in the modern world increases stress
  • and leaves people with a sense of psychological, social, and spiritual isolation
  • Cedar Aboriginal meaning - the power of physical
  • healing
  • The smudging ceremony, in which sweet grass,
  • sage, cedar and/or tobacco are burned in a
  • small bowl to create smoke, is a ritual of spiritual
  • purification
  • Brushing the smoke over oneself invites health
  • into a persons life.

9. PSYN 3200: Global Health

  • The Sustainable Region
  • The Sustainable Region is video put on by Metro Vancouver which highlights BCs agricultural system, global health (in relation to economy and food source). The video makes reference to the farmers on 57 th project on the George Pearson grounds .
  • How can we learn more about our Sustainable Region?
  • http://www.metrovancouver.org/REGION/TSR_TV/Pages/default.aspx

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