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Thought Leadership for Social Change - Raising Your Voice in 140 Characters or Less

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Text of Thought Leadership for Social Change - Raising Your Voice in 140 Characters or Less

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Thought Leadership for Social ChangeRaising Your Voice in 140 Characters or Less

Vanessa Wakeman @wakemanagency



"WE ARE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PEOPLE ON THE FOREFRONT OF SOCIAL CHANGE----- Meeting Notes (2/25/15 09:57) -----Started in 2003nonprofs socially responsible companiesclients include ywca, ucla, nyul, march on washtl woven into our workhow social media can help to spread tl messagessocial change2AGENDAThought Leadership: What and Why12345Leveraging Social MediaThe Phases of Thought LeadershipThought Leadership ActionsQ&AWhat Is Thought Leadership?Websters DictionaryOne whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential.WikipediaAn individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.Vanessa WakemanAn individual that commits to contributing valuable, original thinking and fresh ideas on a subject to benefit the greater good. The individual is in service to the issue or innovation with the goal of fostering change.

Your Biggest Goal as a True Thought LeaderTo be in service to the issue or innovation.

Am I saying something different?the $1,000,000 QuestionsAm I comfortable having people disagree with me?Am I willing to be transparent, vulnerable and authentic?6What Do Thought Leaders Do?Assert their point of viewServe as stewards of new ideasInnovate and create changeGuide their communities toward a new way of thinking

IdentificationDisruptionEvolutionActionWhat Are You Thinking?Make some noiseCreating ChangeThe beginning of a movement

THEIDEA----- Meeting Notes (2/25/15 10:25) -----Lay foundatio nfor this, now how does this play into social change

8Why Is This Important for Social Change?Building credibilityStrengthening relationshipsBuilding a movementCreating awareness/call-to-action----- Meeting Notes (2/25/15 10:25) -----Now how does this owrk in social media

9What Are The Benefits to Leveraging Social Media For Thought Leadership?No invitation needed/highly accessibleConnect with/find your tribe6 degrees of separationFeedback loop/real-time engagement

What platforms do I use?Go where your audience isTest, experiment playHave fun with it!

----- Meeting Notes (2/25/15 10:25) -----I don't need to talk about all of the platforms available

11make a splash!JUMP INID tweetable sentences or thoughts

Write a blog post

Create visuals for Instagram

DIY Videos

Getting Started13The Three Phases of Thought LeadershipPhase 3Yes

Phase 2Sticky

Phase 1Doubt

This is painful.Phase 1Doubt

Hey, they know my name!Phase 2Sticky

Phase 3Yes

Have your people call my people.Do You Know Who You Want to Reach?----- Meeting Notes (2/25/15 10:25) -----Be realistic18Is Anyone Really Listening To Me?Your Unique ThinkingOpportunityIssue or Innovation

How Do You Share?Bite-sized nuggets for swift consumptionAuthenticHelpfulPractical

Listen for Other OpinionsThought Leadership AudiencesFollowersWallflowersRejecters

Revenue GenerationInfluence OpinionThought Leadership Dollars and SenseRevitalize and Re-energize Your Organization's PositionRally SupportThought Leadership ActionsActive Listening and Sharing



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