ISCN 2015: WG 1, Myrianthi Astanioti

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  1. 1. Sustainable Development Cyprus University of Technology ISCN 2015 Expanding the Dialogue: Sustainability in a Connected World WG1 Buildings and Their Sustainability Performance University of Hong Kong
  2. 2. Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) one of three state universities in the Republic of Cyprus, established in 2004 in the coastal city of Lemesos more than 80% of its budget is funded from the Government aspires to develop into a modern, pioneering and internationally recognized university Cyprus University of Technology
  3. 3. LEMESOS 2nd largest city in Cyprus, spreading out between two ancient kingdoms, Amathunta and Kourion. Islands main port, the center of the wine industry and a cosmopolitan bustling holiday destination resort. A large number of hotels and hotel apartments line a fifteen kilometer beautifully landscaped coastline for strollers and bikers. Old town radiating out from the old fishing harbor filled with restaurants, bars and shops. A short drive out into the surrounding countryside will take you through vineyards, the commandaria region (sweet wine) of traditional wine producing villages.
  4. 4. University Location Was it strategically planned?Was it strategically planned? political decision disperse uses rejuvenate the dying city center of Lemesos abundant in abandoned buildings host of unwanted uses ie adult night clubs deserted, unsafe and unpopular enter city center by utilizing government owned buildings and by expropriating private properties
  5. 5. Most of the first key position buildings to host CUT were owned by the Government and have been renovated to accommodate the needs of CUT Public Buildings
  6. 6. University Buildings Common Teaching Facilities Vasilis Michaelides Library Laboratories for the Faculty of Mechanical and Material Science and Engineering Research Arcade
  7. 7. University Buildings Rectors Mansion Language Center Administration Offices Common Auditoriums
  8. 8. increase in space requirements increase in occupied area expropriations difficulties legal framework budget limitations time restrains ineffective what was the plan?what was the plan? Private Buildings
  9. 9. Under good strategic planning, renting is good CUT management did not have options, it HAD to rent most academic activities had commenced students and staff numbers would increase every year academic needs would increase every year building facilities insufficient to meet academic needs renting was the fastest solution however, required annual budget increase national economic crisis!!! what are the options?what are the options? Property Rentals
  10. 10. University Campus Development Two main phases of development: 2007-2015 within the old city center, within old historic renovated buildings 2015-2035 within an area of approximately 90.000sqm, about seven minutes walking distance from the old city center The University Campus Master Plan envisages that until 2035 the number of students will steadily grow to 7.000-8.000, with 21-28 departments
  11. 11. the second phase of expansion has postponed three times due to the economic crisis that hit the country and due to legal issues with respect to the expropriation of private properties currently, we have more students that we can accommodate and the future of the University Campus is uncertain, however the need to minimize the renting cost favors the implementation of the master plan University Campus Development
  12. 12. Something Good Happened was it sustainable? Overall
  13. 13. City Center Development The establishment of CUT within Lemesos contributed to the development of the socioeconomic and urban transformation of the city center through the reestablishment of the historic city center the rejuvenation of the business center the social gentrification the reconstruction, upgrade and sustainable development of the city center
  14. 14. Before ruined abandoned buildings misused buildings garbage accumulation deconstruction Then the University was launched You have seen some of the results! City Center Infrastructure
  15. 15. Before shops, restaurants were striving to survive renting cost was unreasonably high businesses were moving elsewhere Then the University was launched creation of new job positions 3500 students and 600 staff are working daily in the city center abundance in shops, bars, cafeterias and restaurants services and businesses are returning to the center property renting cost is now more sustainable increase of residential infrastructure strengthening and modernization of uses City Center Economy
  16. 16. Before decrease in population increase in ageing population unsafe and abandoned despite the historic attractions Then the University was launched population renewal increase in population 24h safe and interesting aesthetic development and revival of city center conservation of the meaning of the city center and its character City Center Community
  17. 17. before Lemesos Municipality, alone then, the University was launched University with Municipality (Recycling, Cleaning, Buildings etc) University with Government (Buildings etc) University with local NGOs (GreenDot, Friends of the Earth, Friends of CUT etc) University with local businesses Municipal Library old historic private mansion built in 1934 built based on a Monte Carlo Casino design sold in 1966 and then donated to the Lemesos Municipality and became the Municipal Library currently, undergoes renovation to be converted into a modern Library for the University and the Municipality Geothermal Energy Systems for cooling/heating Collaborations
  18. 18. Before no recycling, no environmental consciousness abandoned old buildings But, low emissions Now recycling started in Lemesos by the University old buildings were renovated to show off our historic and architectural heritage traffic and pedestrian circulation have been reconfigured trees have been planted on sidewalks and squares the Lemesos Municipality is now investing in the collaboration with the University But, high emissions inadequate parking places at the historic center inadequate public transportation City Center Environment
  19. 19. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS 1.Very good infrastructure 2.Knowledgeable and Active Staff 3.Business rejuvenation 4.Collaborations 5.Unique expansion of University in the City Center 6.Community support WEAKNESSES 1.Bad management practices those beyond the reach of University control, and those for which the responsibility rests directly with the University 2. Government and University Bureaucracy slows down expansion 3. Members of the Board of Directors change often 4. Vision is not solid and unsupported 5. Personal Agendas OPPORTUNITIES 1.CUT is the first choice for many students 2.Good examples and practices for the society and more 3.Green University developed in the city center 4.Location: city center and sea front THREATS 1.National Economic Crisis 2.Criticism for unjustifiable rent contract provisions compared to todays deep plunged prices. 3.Staff and Students have low expectations and phycology 4.Congested city center 5.High CO2 emissions 6.Uncertainty for the implementation of the University Master Plan
  20. 20. Environmental Policy Office Under the Programming and Design Section of the Estate Management Services responsible for managing the Universitys Environmental Policy promoter of Environmental Consciousness GOAL to implement environmental aspects in all Universitys procedures
  21. 21. Energy Management Promotion using Meetings Green Office Social Media Emails Posters
  22. 22. Certification requirements office, building section or building to conform to basic environmental procedures compliance to low budget environmental specifications
  23. 23. RECYCLING Paper / Plastic-etal-Drink Cartons (PMD) Glass Mobile Phones Batteries Building materials Clothes Old, Unused items Electronic and electric appliances Hazardous Materials
  24. 24. GREEN Public Procurement CUT has been using environmental parameters in Public Procurements since its establishment The Environmental Policy Office is responsible for the universitys Green Public Procurement Procedure and Action Plan (GPPPAP) based on the national action plan at implementation the local market could not respond now there is sufficient improvement CUT enforcement tool Green Public Procurement Consulting Committee
  25. 25.