ISCN 2015 Dialogue 3: Corporate-University Engagement, Pamela Mar

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<ol><li> 1. Cultivating Leaders for a Changing World Pamela Mar Fung Group </li><li> 2. Globalization of production China Opens Up factory of the world Technology enables supply chain reach 1978-2008 2009-2038 Globalization of Consumption Rise of emerging markets and consumers Technological Change Importance of Sustainability </li><li> 3. Opening up of China Doubling of global labor force 1990 to 2008 : 1.46 billion workers added </li><li> 4. Chinas outsized role in global production </li><li> 5. Advances in Supply Chain Technology Modern transport &amp; trade facilitation Mobile capital Discrete functions Modern logistics with technology </li><li> 6. Globalization of consumption Revolution in the consumer interface Rise of sustainability considerations Accelerating growth in emerging markets Whats next: </li><li> 7. RISING MIDDLE CLASS IN EMERGING MARKETS 2+ billion new middle class consumers by 2038 50% of the worlds consumption in emerging markets </li><li> 8. TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE Technology continues to transform production, but now also revolutionizes retailing and the lives of consumers </li><li> 9. Rise of Sustainability Considerations Growth has come with costs. Businesses face pressure to account for these. </li><li> 10. Asias Environmental Dilemmas POLLUTION WATER WASTE ENERGY POVERTY FOOD SECURITY </li><li> 11. FOUR TRENDS SHAPING OUR WORLD GLOBALIZATION SHIFT OF GROWTH TO EMERGING MARKETS TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE RISE OF SUSTAINABILITY </li><li> 12. WHAT KINDS OF SKILLSETS ARE NEEDED, TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE? </li><li> 13. GLOBAL MINDSET INNOVATIONINNOVATION MINDSET AGILITY CUSTOMERCUSTOMER FOCUS COLLABOR-COLLABOR- ATION DEVELOPINGDEVELOPING OTHERS </li><li> 14. The Problem: COMPLIANCE IN FACTORIES (part of ) The Solution: BITE-SIZED DIGITAL VIDEOS 2012-2014 Intro to Manufacturing Excellence Fire Safety Electrical Safety Chemical Safety Working Hours Underage Labor 2015-2016 Governance Worker-Manager Communication Water Conservation Energy Efficiency Traceability / Conflict Minerals Personal Health URL: </li><li> 15. 100+ members: brands / retailers, manufacturers, govt, civil society, academia 30%+ global market share for apparel and footwear Education and data across entire supply chain The Problem: ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF PRODUCTION (part of) The Solution: SUSTAINABLE APPAREL COALITION </li><li> 16. CONCLUSIONS Complexity and Speed Sustainability as one among several key change drivers Sustainability from a solutions perspective Working across disciplines Trade-offs Do it now </li></ol>