ISCN 2015: WG 1 Key Findings

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<p> 1. ISCN 2015 KEY FINDINGS FROM THE ISCN WORKING GROUPS 2. Working Group 1 CHAIRS: BART MEEHAN VISITING FELLOW, THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY YING HUA ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, CORNELL UNIVERSITY ISCN 2015 3. Working Group 1 Buildings and their Sustainability Performance Research Agenda: Principle 1 of the ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter To demonstrate respect for nature and society, sustainability considerations should be an integral part of planning, construction, renovation, and operation of buildings on campus. ISCN 2015 4. PROGRAM Presentation - Title: Sustainable Development of Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) . Presenter: Myrianthi Astanioti Presentation - Title: Strategic Instruments for Reducing the Carbon Footprint at Freie Universitt Berlin . Presenter: Andreas Wanke Presentation - Title: Renovation and Green Building Certification: Case study of a historical building in a University Campus (Bogazici University) - Presenters: Merve Tunali and Gulsume Kulce Presentation - Title: Reduction in the midst of growth - Public-private collaboration to improve environmental performance at The University of Hong Kong. Presenter: Dante Archangeli ISCN 2015 5. Key Issues Discussed 1. Value of accreditation systems in driving sustainable design and operations. 2. Incentives to drive change and engagement 3. The challenges of renewing existing infrastructure, particularly older buildings. ISCN 2015 6. Goals for 2015/2016 1. Developing strategies for broadening engagement within the campus community, particularly the student body, to build an understanding of how sustainable infrastructure works and the impact of behavior. 2. Expanding the discussion of Working Group 1 to including engagement with other working groups ie. Seeing sustainably designed and operated buildings within the context of sustainable campus precincts. (green neighborhoods) 3. Researching good practice in sustainable design and operations within the sector for presentation in Siena 2016. ISCN 2015 </p>