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1st Lecture

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  • 1. ANIM 30102 Storyboarding Advanced Story Structure Fall 2013

2. Welcome to the desert of the real. 3rdYear 3. What story does the last slide tell? 4. EVERYTHINGYOU DO IS POTENTIAL PORTFOLIO MATERIAL. DO NOT WASTEYOUR EFFORT ON SOMETHING HALF CONSIDERED. 5. PRACTICE! 6. Job Samples Feature vs.TV 7. There is no difference IMHO 8. Story is necessary but hard if not impossible, to dene. 9. Content Presentation Joke Delivery Story Storyboard 10. The Board must Communicate CLEARLY 11. My Story 12. Tenzing Norgay 13. Your Story 14. You are responsible for your own education 15. My rule of thirds. 16. You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind. 17. LEVEL UP 18. Stop trying to hit me and hit me! Stop trying to live your dreams and live your dreams. 19. Rules of the Road Professionalism 20. Start: 5 min after the hour End: 10 min to the hour Rules of the Road 21. 30% penalty as per program regulations. A=C B=D C= why bother? Rules of the Road 22. Lectures Schedule Fall 2013 1. Level UP/ Rules of the Road 2. GROUP SELECTION 3.Visual Grammar 4. Dramatic Construction 5. GUEST LECTURE 6.Presentation Rehearsal 7. Presentation: Story Pitch/ Critique BREAK 23. Lectures Schedule Fall 2013 8. The Monomyth 9. Story Analysis 10. Editing 11. Story Analysis 2 12. Transmedia Storytelling 13. Story Analysis EXAM 14. Presentation: Group Lecias/ Critique BREAK 24. ASSIGNMENTS 25. Assignment #1: Premise INDIVIDUAL MARK 10% You will produce a logline, a synposis, inspirational sketch and present your idea for the GROUP project. NEXT WEEK IN LAB 26. Logline: One or two sentence summary of your script. Whats your story about? A logline keeps you focused as you write/draw. 27. a synposis 28. Inspirational sketch 29. present your idea 30. GROUP Assignment #2: Story Reel 30% Assignment #4: Lecia/ Conformed board 20% 31. Assignment #3: The Storyboard Test INDIVIDUAL MARK 25% Wk 2 to 9 assigned next week lab 32. Assignment #5: Story Analysis Test INDIVIDUAL MARK 15% Wk 13 33. HandOut Folder thirdyearstory.blogspot.ca 34. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix (3rd Year) is. You have to see it for yourself. 35. ?