Open innovation and Social innovation

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  1. 1. Open innovation and Social innovation Masakazu Kuwayama
  2. 2. Social change Open innovation Social innovation Dr. Takahiko Nomura Japanese companies falls into innovation imperfection syndrome
  3. 3. GDP(U.S. ,Japan and China ) Why only Japan not grow up GDP? It is because Japanese companies lacks innovation.
  4. 4. Open innovation Various things become open. We must cope with this change. Software Hardware Car Chemistry and material To be continued Medicine manufacture
  5. 5. Open innovation (Software) Software developed with open source. Software which canceled development become open sources. Presentation is shown on the Internet. Slides that we announced by an event of ATND is shown on the Internet.
  6. 6. We held the event in ATND (Creation of a new business from hackathon and Ideathon.) Open event: Japan android group, Open source conference. Open innovation (Software) To hold a study session with different companies ATND
  7. 7. Open innovation (Hardware) Gadget renesas Make Japan Renesas Electronics provides It for Personal Fabrication The event both individuals and companies participate in.
  8. 8. Open innovation (Hardware) Co-operation with other companies (Increase in group assuming the open innovation) New generation M2M consortium To connect communications equipment to apparatus which was not connected with a network until now. Nine sigma Japan To buy and sell to necessary elemental technology from other companies.
  9. 9. Nissan Motor They promote cooperation such as "the university-industry research collaboration" and "other companies" by open innovation policy. They have the culture which performs collaboration between the posts of the company. (Iinnovation is a new combination. In Nissan, innovation has occurred daily. ) SIMDirve Automotive development in cooperation. Open innovation (Car)
  10. 10. Open innovation (Chemistry and material) Toray Industries, Mitsubishi Plastics Industries Open innovation using Nine Sigma is promoted.
  11. 11. Astellas Pharma invites the idea from external on the Internet. The University of Tokyo establishes the open innovation center of medicinedesign. Open innovation (Medicine manufacture)
  12. 12. Analog circuit field
  13. 13. niconicogakkai ml To hold an open congress with wild researcher.
  14. 14. Future center To discuss with office worker, NPO, social entrepreneur and person of various backgrounds. AND MAKE INNOVATION!! KOKUYO, NISSAN, NTT DATA work on Future center. KOKUYO Eco Create Zemi Future Innovation Cafe OUR FUTURES Stagehand work is most good work: Takahiko Nomura Lets create your Future Center Takahiko Nomura See also those books.
  15. 15. Social innovation Social innovation Social business is becoming a boom. And, social problems is becoming a business theme. Decreasing population and low birthrate and longevity of Japan. Population explosion in the world. Resource reduction, Energy-saving society. See also Social business
  16. 16. Expanse of social business The school of social business appears. Social Entrepreneur School Business is begun from CSR. Sumitomo Chemical Olyset Net It began in CSR of Anti malarial measures.
  17. 17. Social problems become innovation themes. Innovation theme of the 20th century How to make low cost. How to make mass production. How to improve performance. Innovation theme of the 21th century How to solve environmental problems and social problems by enterprise. Example Global warming -> large-scale solar power system Electric vehicle. Population explosion -> genetically modified food. Resource reduction -> Non-rare earth element.
  18. 18. Diversity and innovation If priority is given to diversity, the average value of a innovation will fall. But, an innovative innovation does not occur without diversity.
  19. 19. Comparison of corporate culture My news japan Efficiency is thought as important. Innovativity is thought as important. TOYOTA Panasonic NISSAN SONY HONDA YAHOO JAPAN NTT DATA NTT DOCOMO Cyber Agent Suntory KIRIN BREWERY ASAHI BREWERIES ISUZU HITACHI FUJITSU RAKUTEN
  20. 20. Smiling curve Profits have stopped from a manufacturing department. R&D from a material level and service make profits.