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I.R.E - Impact Recall Engage: A Methodology that brings structure to Television content making and helps TV Networks and Studios to really produce immersive long lasting content with effective creative management.

Text of The CODE to CREATE Compelling Content!

  • 1. IRE Code~fying content creationOR FV TCopyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna

2. SOPProcedureTechnique ParameterMINDSETProcess Copyright 2010 Brijesh TannaApproachLCDFormula 3. What is IRE?Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 4. IMPACT RECALL ENGAGECopyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 5. How does it work?Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 6. Ask 3 simple questions at the concept stage 1. What will bring the Audience to the show? (IMPACT) 2. What will the viewers talk about when they are not watching the show? (RECALL) 3. What will keep bringing them back to the show? (ENGAGE)Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 7. Which is your favorite TV show?Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 8. IRE content parameters. Some examples CSI IMPACT: Launch Promo campaign, Sub Plots, Unpredictable story/ case, Styling, visual treatment RECALL: What case next?? Grisham the main lead and his one-liners, News paper reports of real cases become promotional recall value for CSI ENGAGE: Impact of the show, Mystery of the plot/case, Linear story track of Grisham (the lead)HOUSE IMPACT: Launch Promo, Introduction of HOUSE the character RECALL: Character behaviors irritating but lovable, Smart dialogues, Special illness and a different perspective, relatable to personal life ENGAGE: Personal life track, Story-line, Believable illness, cant have enough of the main character HOUSE Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 9. The 3 parameters A TV Shows content can be gauged on these 3 parameters IMPACT: The effect of the LAUNCH or Pre-Launch of the TV show on its Target Audience. What is it that brings them to the show. THE HOOK! RECALL: Once the TV show has gathered its Audience, what are the elements of the show that captures their mind space. Is it the characters or the physical elements like the location or the emotional connect that they think and talk about. THE MIND-SPOT ENGAGE: Unlike a movie, a TV shows success lies in its capacity to bring back the audience every week or every day, to watch yet another episode and cross a milestone. A successful TV show will always have a powerful TRACK or ELEMENT which will weave its entire season of episodes together. Once you are in, you will nd it hard to leave. Its RECALL value will also fuel its ENGAGING power.Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 10. How do you implement?Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 11. Step 1: 1st Draft Production company Executive Producer & line producer will design the 1st draft of the IRE for the show, after concept presentation to commissioning. Step2: Stakeholders inputs The 1st draft will then be shared with Network Marketing, On-Air Promotions, Programming (channel) and other stake holders ( new media or Research) for inputs. Final draft created. Step 3: Final draft to producer The nal draft of the IRE will be given to the EP for implementation within the content (Production). Scripting, Treatment, Direction, Post-Production. Step 4: Monitoring and feedback Commissioning Units provide for regular updates to all parties/stakeholders on deployment of the IRE elements and the effectiveness achieved through consolidated efforts. Executive Producer champions the process.Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 12. Why do we need this approach? What are the benefits?Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 13. Benefits Its a WISH list, - You shall WISH and it may come true It prompts the CONTENT to gain more strength Every episode PROMOTES the show, hence garnering more audience on its episodic journey It brings a lot more focus to consolidated efforts and allows for effective strategizing Project champions can be more efcient, as it reduces micro-management Its EASY to understand and allows everyone to contribute to the strength of the content Its progressive hence allows for dynamic thinking Can be generated very quickly within a few content brainstorming sessions Although its not a formula, it helps to gauge the performance effectively It helps to avoid duplication of content. eg. 3 network shows with similar story elements or characters Its an EVOLVING process, hence benets keep adding.Copyright 2010 Brijesh Tanna 14. The Foundation: A basic mix 1.2. 3.Copyright 2010 Brijesh TannaIMPACT Opening of the show the rst 4 episodes. The launch promotion and packaging. The shows emotional connect. Production value. RECALL The characters / host of the show. Their behavior & characteristics The opening / packaging / montage song. Locations and visual play. Signature moments Episodic Promos ENGAGE The shows sub-plots running within the episodes. The climax of every episode. The shows Main PLOT binding the entire season 15. Think IRE FOR TV Shows, Brands, Movies, BooksCopyright 2010 Brijesh TannaGo ahead send me your feedback